A Strange Haruna (おかしな春菜ちゃん, Okashi na Haruna-chan) is the sixty-fourth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Summary Edit

Haruna is walking to school, when suddenly a strange dog comes running up to her barking. As Haruna's laughing at the dog, she suddenly stops. Mikado wonders why Haruna has just stopped, and is spacing out. When Rito and Lala go to greet Haruna, she is very lively. Suddenly, Risa comes up and starts grabbing Haruna's chest. Haruna, thinking it looks like fun, starts to do it to Mio in return. Rito watches in horror as Haruna is so out of character. Lala, thinking it looks like fun, joins in. Suddenly, Yui comes up and tells them to stop. Haruna start to grab Yui, taking her bra off. Haruna asks what it is, and pulls her own shirt up to see if she is wearing one, much to Rito's horror. Rito and Lala both wonder why Haruna is acting so strange. Haruna then comes up on the roof, looking over the horizon. Haruna then tells Rito that she likes him. Rito is ecstatic, but right as he is about to tell her the same, Haruna says she was joking, and tells Rito that she always wanted to tell someone that. Haruna then tells Rito that it's really Oshizu possessing Haruna's body. As it turns out, the dog from the beginning was chasing Oshizu, and she ran into Haruna. Oshizu then tells Rito that she is going to dispossess Haruna now. But after a couple seconds, she asks Rito if he knows how she can.