Chocolates and Panic (チョコっとパニック, CHOKOtto PANIKKU) is the forty-first chapter of the To Love-Ru manga.

Summary Edit

Suddenly, under the affects of Lala's chocolates, Haruna tells Rito that she loves him. Even though Rito is really happy, he knows he can't kiss Haruna while she is under the effects of Lala's chocolate. Suddenly, Haruna starts to suck on Rito's fingers. Suddenly, Haruna tells Rito that she cannot stand "It anymore." Rito tells Haruna to stay in the utility closet, while he goes to search for Lala. Suddenly, Rito bumps into his teacher, Honegawa, and wonders if he is okay. Suddenly he gets up and tells Rito he loves him, obviously under the effects of Lala's chocolate. Suddenly, Rito's entire class starts to run after him. Meanwhile, Saki explains to Aya and Rin that she gave Lala's chocolate to the principal, and demands that they throw away theirs too. The principal then runs up to Saki, naked, telling her how much he loves her, to her horror. Suddenly, Rito runs into Haruna in the hallway. She then insists he takes her chocolates, and she tries to shove the entire box in his mouth. Haruna asks if they are good, which Rito, muffled, says that they are delicious, which pleases Haruna. Suddenly, Lala comes up and asks Rito why everyone is acting so weird. Rito says that it is because of her chocolates, and asks what she put in them. Lala explains that she put in everything Mikado told her to. Mikado then shows up, and explains to Rito that when Lala asked her how to make chocolates, Mikado gave her a medicinal herb that acts as an aphrodisiac to people. Mikado explains that her intent was just mischief and that she thought Lala would give it to only Rito. Lala then realizes that you are not suppose to give chocolates to everyone in the class. After a couple of minutes, the effects of the herb wears off. Suddenly, Haruna comes back to normal and wonders when she gave Rito her chocolates, which makes him very happy. At home, Lala gives Rito more chocolates, insisting that they are Okay this time. Rito then wonders that the chocolates from Haruna are just Giri chocolates.