Confession (告白, Kokuhaku) is the forty-second chapter of the To Love-Ru manga.

Summary Edit

On their way to school, Rito and Lala are in a hurry not to be late. Meanwhile, a mysterious girl is watching Rito from a window. In school, Rito tells Saruyama that he feels like someone is watching him, and he thinks that it could be Yami. Suddenly, the girl is about to go talk to Rito, when Motemitsu tells her he will help her with any problems she has. Motemitsu then looks through his book on Ayana High School Girls and finds that the girl doesn't go there, but when he looks up she is gone and he is degraded. The girl then goes to see Rito, who then shoots a ball in soccer and misses. The ball ends up knocking the girl out, sending her to the nurse's office. When she wakes up, Rito is there, ecstatic that she is up. Rito explains that it is only a minor concussion. The girl then hugs Rito, and tells him that she is happy that they are alone because now she can tell him her true feelings. She then tells Rito that she loves him and asks him out. Rito is shocked, stating that he already has Lala and Haruna and that he has never met her. The girl then tells Rito that she cannot forget the kiss they shared. When Rito can't remember the kiss, the girl moves in for another. Right as she is about to kiss Rito, Lala runs in and notices the girl, calling her Run, suddenly Run sneezes and turns into Ren. Mikado then explains that the girl is Run Elise Jewelria, who is royalty from the planet Memorze, who has the ability to change gender by sneezing. Rito then realizes that this why all the younger pictures of Lala with Ren have him dressed up like a girl. Ren then tells Rito that he will not forgive him for stealing the heart of both Lala and Run. Lala then chases after Ren with pepper, trying to make him sneeze to bring Run back. Meanwhile, Rito thinks that Run was kind of cute.