Don't Be Mad! (怒れないでよ! Okorenaide yo!) is the thirty-first chapter of To Love-Ru.


In gym, Rito is exhausted from helping his father on his manga last night. So to help him with the run, Lala summons one of her inventions. Naturally, it goes wrong, and Rito is sent running into a gym when he lands awkwardly on Saki, who is playing basketball. Saki and her friends then beat Rito up. In class, Lala remarks that he doesn't look well, and Rito yells at her, telling her that it is her fault he got beat up. She tries to cheer him up by using "Berserker DX: Modified Spray Version." However, she sprays it on the mice, and get's them riled up. The mice then jump into the girls' panties and what not, causing chaos in the classroom. Rito then yells at Lala to leave him alone, and stop trying to help him. Lala is very hurt, and runs out of the classroom calling Rito stupid. Rito tries to call her back, but is hit in the head. Rito comes home to find Mikan, who tells him that Lala isn't back yet. Rito is worried and wonders if he was too harsh on her. In her lab, he notices that the rabbit doll he won for her, in a box labeled "Treasure Box." Rito then runs out remarking how Lala makes him worry, meanwhile, Lala sits near the river. Lala talks to Peke about Rito, and wonders why Rito is so harsh to her. Just then, Haruna comes up to Lala, and Lala asks if she can stay with Haruna. Lala then goes to Haruna's house for the night.

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