Fearful Invention (恐怖の発明品 Kyōfu no hatsumeihin) is the twenty-eighth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Lala is excited that her laboratory in Rito's closet is finally done and is showing Rito and Mikan. Rito and Mikan are very curious as to how she managed to build a lab in the limited space of Rito's closet. However, they are both very surprised to find that the closet is very spacious. As it turns out, Lala used a spacial distortion device to make the room much bigger. Lala then tells Rito to look forward to parts she ordered from Deviluke to make larger inventions. Lala also explains how due to being bored in her childhood, she developed a hobby of developing inventions. While looking at Lala's incomplete inventions, Rito accidentally activates one, which shocks him. Lala and Rito then head off to school. At school, Rito notices that he doesn't feel well, and believes he is developing a cold. When Lala tells the teacher that Rito is sick, he has Haruna take Rito to the nurse's office. The nurse tells Rito that he doesn't have a fever, but he should still just rest. Rito then thanks Haruna for helping him, and she goes back to class. Rito then feels very dizzy. Lala then goes to check on Rito, and to her surprise, she finds Rito has shrunken. Rito then freaks out when he awakes to find that he is approximately eight centimeters tall. Lala then realizes that it was her invention that turned Rito so small. Rito is then horrified when Lala tells him she does not have a way to make him bigger. When the nurse suddenly walks in, Lala hides Rito in her shirt and runs off. Rito is very shocked to find out that he has to spend the rest of the day in Lala's shirt.