Force of the Darkness (闇の実力 Yami no jitsuryoku) is the thirty-sixth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Haruna is in her house, wondering what Rito is up to, while looking at his present that she found at Saki's. Meanwhile, Rito is being chased by Yami down by the street. Golden Darkness then asks Rito why he doesn't counter attack, citing that she heard he was not the type to go easy on female opponents, but then remembering how he offered her some taiyaki. Just then, Lala comes down and hugs Rito, relieved to see he is alright, and explains the situation. Golden Darkness then recognizes Lala as the Princess of Deviluke. Golden Darkness asks that Lala steps down, something Lala explains she cannot do, because Rito is someone special to her. Just then, Zastin comes down trying to strike Golden Darkness with his sword. Naturally having an assassin's instinct, she blocks it. Zastin then challenges Golden Darkness. Zastin then explains that he is the top swordsman of Deviluke as well as the assistant chief to Rito's dad, Yūki Saibai, and Golden Darkness accepts. Zastin and Golden Darkness then engage in an intense battle, with Golden Darkness using her transforming abilities to turn her hair into a bunch of dragon heads. Zastin then compliments Golden Darkness on her fighting abilities, but telling her that he will use his knowledge of Earth to his advantage. Zastin then tries to use a train to his advantage just as Rito did in chapter 3. However, Golden Darkness uses her transforming abilities to grow a pair of wings, and flies over the train. Stunned, Zastin doesn't notice the train, despite Lala's warning, and is hit himself. Zastin is then out of the battle. Golden Darkness calls Rito's strategy weak, and just then Lala challenges Golden Darkness to a fight, despite Rito's interjection. Lala then tells Golden Darkness that while she may not look like it, she is quite strong. Golden Darkness then tells Lala that she is going to get her fingers burned.