Fujisaki Aya
Kanji 藤崎 綾
Rōmaji Fujisaki Aya
Planet Earth
Age 16 (second year)
17 (third year)
Birthday March 20
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Height 157cm
Weight 47kg
Blood Type AB
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
School Sainan High
Class 2-D (chapters 1-48)
3-D (chapters 49-present)
Education Currently attending high school
Occupation High school student
Marital Status Single
Unusual Features Has a license to operate heavy machinery (2008 anime only)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 24
Anime Debut Episode 5
Voice Actor
Japanese Kaori Mizuhashi
English Olivia Swasey

Fujisaki Aya is Tenjōin Saki's loyal and assisting friend. The bespectacled Aya is weak-willed and became associated with Saki after she and Kujō Rin protected her from bullies when they were children.

So far, Aya has served little purpose throughout the series besides following and supporting her Saki-sama, whom she idolizes. She is essentially something of an extra to their group, and has never been seen without accompanying her friends.


Aya has long blue hair and purple eyes which are rarely seen through the big round lenses of her glasses. Her 3-sizes are B81-W54-H81.


The most known aspect of her personality is her fangirl-like adoration of Saki, whom she looks up to and cares for the most in her life. She is also one of the few girls who don't have any romantic feelings towards Rito. Instead most of her admiration goes to Saki and naturally hates his perverted accidents, especially if it's towards her or Rin and most of all Saki.


As a child, Aya was always bullied by boys until Saki (along with Rin) stood up to them and protected her from them, ever since that day Aya has always followed her and looked up to her with great respect.

Powers and abilities

Dispite her age, she is seen to be capable of driving and working heavy machinery like a crane. Although this was only seen in the anime, which takes more uncanon and cartoonish liberties to the plot.

Relationships with Other Characters

Tenjōin Saki

Aya respects and cares for Saki a lot, they are also really close friends. As a child, she was often bullied and Saki protected her. So far, Aya has served little purpose throughout the series besides following and supporting her Saki-sama, whom she idolizes. She has never been seen without accompanying her friends, being something of an extra to their group. But Saki does care greatly for Aya as well as Rin, and wouldn't take the chance to study abroad if it meant leaving her friends.

Being weak-willed and nothing truly remarkable, Aya is perhaps one of the few evidences that the usually arrogant Saki Tenjouin has a good and kinder side towards lesser people.

Kujō Rin

Even though Aya and Rin are always seen together with Saki and they both admire her, they don't exactly have any other thing in common and Aya shows more admiration to Saki than Rin does, as Rin often shows less emotion.

They first met each other when Saki and Rin saw Aya being bullied by a group of boys, and Saki insisted on helping her, while Rin just followed her. Since then, Aya has always followed them.

It's not quite known how Rin and Aya feel towards each other but they are really good friends to each other, although they more often follow and pay attention to Saki. They have not often been seen interacting directly to each other without concerning Saki.


  • Aya made a cameo appearance along with Saki and Rin in Mayoi Neko Overrun! in Chapter 3 page 24.
  • Her name (綾) means silk, or to be more exact, a silk with flower decoration.
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