Get The Present (プレゼントをGETせよ PUREZENTO o GET se yo) is the thirty-third chapter of To Love-Ru.


Rito, Lala, Haruna, and others are attending a Christmas party at Saki's mansion. While talking to Kenichi, Haruna, Risa, and Mio, Rito tells them that Lala said she'd be late because she is dressing up. The attention is soon taken away from Saki when Lala shows up in a very flashy dress. Saki then gets offended and decides she will get back at Lala. Saki then says that the present exchange will be made into a random game, where the guests must go around the house searching for the presents, which will be exchanged randomly. The winner will get to take guests on a trip to one of Saki's family resorts. Motemitsu then goes to find the presents by cheating, but comes upon one of the first traps. Lala then pulls Rito along with her to go find the presents. Rito plans on finding Haruna's, while Ren is going to look for Lala's. Many of the guests, including Ren, fall into Saki's traps right away. Haruna, Risa, and Mio fall down a trap hole, but are holding on to the ledge and each other. Meanwhile, Rito and Lala dodge many of the traps. Lala is enjoying herself very much, while Rito is determined to find Haruna's present. Meanwhile, Saki is watching them on a monitor, telling Lala to beware, while laughing.