Gid Lucione Deviluke

Gid Lucione Deviluke TLRD Manga

Gid Deviluke

Kanji ギド・ルシオン・デビルーク
Rōmaji Gido Rushion Debirūku
Planet Deviluke
Age Unknown
Birthday January, 1
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Blood Type B
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Personal Status
Education Unknown
Occupation King of Planet Deviluke
King of the Universe
Relatives Lala Satalin Deviluke (Daughter)
Nana Astar Deviluke (Daughter)
Momo Belia Deviluke (Daughter)
Yūki Rito (Son-in-law)(pending)
Marital Status Sephie Michaela Deviluke (Wife)
Unusual Features -Trident like tail
-Nigh omnipotent power
-Immune to Charmian Powers
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 47
Anime Debut Episode 13
Voice Actor
Japanese Hidetoshi Nakamura
Tetsuya Kakihara (young)
English David Wald

Gid Lucione Deviluke (ギド・ルシオン・デビルーク Gido Rushion Debirūku?) is the king of the planet Deviluke and Emperor of the Milky Way Galaxy, Gid is the father of Lala, Nana, and Momo and husband of Sephie Michaela Deviluke.


Gid's Army

Gid during the war

Gid has red eyes and spiky black hair. In his introduction, he had the physical appearance of a child, looking slightly devilish, with shark-like teeth and the characteristic Devilukean tail in the shape of a trident. Due to overusing his powers during the "Galaxy Unification Wars", he apparently shrunk down to the size of a child.

After he is restored to his adult physique, he is a lot older and taller, but still very youthful, appearing like a young man.


Gid's personality is an ambiguous one. For most of his appearance in the manga, Gid appears to be very spoiled, bratty and perverted, going as far as to use his child-like appearance to get close to pretty girls. He is also quite strict and demanding towards his daughters, often having them do things for his own benefit rather than out of love for them. Lala claims the only reason he wants her to get married is so he can relinquish the throne and be free to pursue his perverted hobbies.

In the manga, he seems more easygoing and is much more accepting of Rito as his heir. While in the anime, he is much more critical of Rito and even attacks him, saying that Rito is not suitable for Lala. He can be a little reasonable, however, giving Rito a chance to prove himself so that the Earth wouldn't be destroyed. He hasn't shown any perverted intentions at all, yet still proves to be demanding and spoiled. In both the manga and the anime, Gid is mostly a very self-righteous and arrogant individual, surrounding himself with cups of wine and other luxuries as opposed to truly ruling anything as he should.

Gid is a highly pompous and pampered individual, but at the same time is more than capable of taking matters into his own hands and solving problems as he sees fit, ranging from ending all wars in the galaxy to going out into the woods to find Lala when she was lost as a child. His true nature is quite unclear, but it has been hinted at numerous times that, beneath his callous and even vindictive exterior, he's a caring and devoted man.

In his introduction, he is bossy yet easygoing and wouldn't be bothered to do any responsibility himself. However, when confronted by an enemy, Gid is supremely confident and commanding. He shows that he is willing to spare his enemy's life if they bowed down, apologized to him, and spared him any further trouble, but not without establishing his place far above them, even if he has to demonstrate his power, a mere fraction of which easily supports his superiority.

When Gid regained his adult physique (after the effect of overusing too much energy that turned him into a kid), his personality seems to shift into more serious one. In this state, he still does not demonstrate being a loving father very much, but he has shown to be able to differentiate Momo from a shape-shifting Nemesis, saying "no father mistakes his own child". He is a bit, if not all, playful, and still afraid of Sephie's wrath. For all of his superiority over most other characters, his wife is the only person whom he does not want to make angry. He has also shown to be a reasonable and compromising man. He accepted Rito's reasoning when the latter allowed Nemesis to survive in his body and teach her to stop hurting others, as Gid smiled and said to Rito to "prove to me that you are a man", showing some degree of respect toward his pending son-in-law.


Gid TLRD2 OVA2 01

Young Gid during his training.

In his youth, Gid came to a planet for combat training, only to have saved Sephie from numerous men harassing her. After a rocky introduction afterwards, the two eventually fell in love, married and had three daughters.

During a time when much of the universe was in a constant state of war, it was Gid who led a vast alliance under his planet Deviluke and won the war. Afterwards, Gid had practically become king of much of the known universe, and together with Sephie as his queen, established order and peace throughout the universe, with Deviluke as a central capital.

However, after the war ended and peace established, Gid became much less serious as a king and appeared to spend much of his time with his hobbies, leaving most of the significant leadership duties to Sephie. With little commitment to his duties as a ruler, Gid spent some time, but little serious effort, seeking an heir for his throne by arranging his daughter, Lala, to meet various marriage suitors, most of whom happen to be complete jerks. Eventually, Lala ran away from home and fled to Earth, followed soon by her sisters, with Gid allowing them to stay in the Yuuki household for the time being.

Powers and Abilities

Gid vs Sasuga
Gid releasing power

Devilukean Physiology: Not only is he a member of the Devilukean race (meaning his physical abilities are far greater than most other species), but he is also considered to be the most powerful of them all. He states himself to be able to destroy a whole planet by building up enough power within him (seemingly creating an electrical aura around him and the ground being cracked) and by releasing it. The result of his child-like state is the result of overusing his power.

  • Superhuman Strength: In his debut, he once showed his massive power when hitting the tennis ball to Sasuga's side at an incredible speed rate at a tennis practice, which makes him faint standing.
  • Devilukean Tail:  Gid's devil-like tail can be used as a weapon. In combat, his tail is blindingly fast enough to relentlessly attack and endanger even the most powerful enemies, giving them too little time to regenerate if they could. While all Devilukeans have the power to shoot energy from their tails, Gid's tail is so powerful that he can fire a huge energy wave that spans a very large width, several miles in length, and destroys anything in its path, leaving a huge trail deep in the ground and a city-sized explosion at the end.
  • Powerful Combatant:  Though little of his true power has been shown, Gid has shown to be so skilled in combat that he can fight confidently against a powerful opponent, using nothing but his tail as a weapon, easily dodging dozens of attacks at dangerously close range, and with his hands crossed.



Gid is the father of Lala, Nana, and Momo, whom he can be quite demanding towards when they disobey his orders like running away from home. While his daughters love each other like family, there is little evidence that they also love him as a father, and equally little evidence that Gid really cares for his daughters. In their earlier childhood on Deviluke, Lala and her sisters appear to usually be left alone in their palace by their parents to play around, pull pranks, or study until they get bored.

Because Gid is quite bratty and spoiled, most of his choices regarding his daughters are usually for his own benefit rather than out of love for them. For example, he pushes Lala towards marriage until she decides to flee to Earth. In the manga, when Lala chose Rito as her groom, Gid gleefully pushed them towards their marriage, even already deciding on a wedding date, and threatened to destroy Earth if Rito does not agree. Lala knew that rather than truly respecting his daughter's choice, he's really only pushing their marriage so that he may step down as king and finally be free to fool around.

However, as like any father, Gid is a loving father, though this was not shown during most of his appearance. He found Lala when the latter is lost in a Deviluke forest, and he easily spot the "real" Momo from the shapeshifting Nemesis, saying "no father mistakes his own child".

Sephie Michaela Deviluke

It is unknown exactly how his relationship with his wife is, especially considering his intention to step down from the throne to go around doing perverted things to other women. It is not unusual for kings of Deviluke to have concubines, but Gid uniquely has only his one wife instead. Sephie does love Gid a lot, being the one who protected her and first male to resist her charm.

She is described to be hardworking, more reliable and better at politics than Gid is, and their daughters seem to love and admire her a lot more than their father.


Zastin is practically Gid's most loyal subject, and he respects him the most as the King of the planet Deviluke and Emperor of the entire Milky Way Galaxy. He is one of the bodyguards who protect the king's family members and would get mad at anyone if they disrespect any of them. Gid seems to disapprove of Zastin being a mangaka.

Yūki Rito

When Rito became engaged to Lala, Gid demanded that he would have to meet Gid's expectations to take care of her, otherwise he would destroy the Earth. He doesn't seem to care for him that much, like when he forced him to marry Lala for his own benefit to step down from the throne and fool around with other girls. However he does seem to trust him enough to take care of his daughters, as they all live within his house.

In his introduction in the manga, Gid was rather forceful of Rito to marry his daughter and become his successor. But after Lala used her invention, Bye-Bye Memory-Kun, to erase herself from the memories of everyone on Earth, it's difficult to determine how they now regard each other, even though the invention mostly failed.

In To Love Ru Darkness, Gid's body is restored to its original form, and it is revealed that he and Rito both still know each other, with Rito remembering meeting him in his child-like state. When Gid brutally defeats Nemesis to the point near death to end her acts of terrorism, Rito saves her by bravely standing up to Gid, convincing him to let Rito change her and even offering to die with her if she doesn't change. Rito expresses his willingness to go that far to save her as his responsibility as a man. Gid relents, now intrigued to see how Rito proves himself a true man.

In the manga, Gid doesn't take his role as king seriously, and wishes to dump the job on Rito soon. As of To Love Ru Darkness, it is unknown how Gid regards Rito as his heir and marriage candidate to Lala, but he continues to allow his daughters to live with Rito. But in the first anime series, he is much more critical and antagonistic toward Rito and puts him through challenges to prove himself so that Earth won't be destroyed. However, this is most likely to ensure that his throne is to be inherited by a worthy successor.


  • With him being the head of the Deviluke family, his second name Lucione, along with his daughter's, Satalin, may refer to Lucifer (Satan), who was one of the three superior spirits (or the Unholy Trinity) of Hell, together with Beelzebub and Astaroth.

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