Golden Darkness (金色の闇 Konjiki no yami) is the thirty-fifth chapter of To Love-Ru.


A mysterious girl gazes over the town as a bird comes to her finger. Meanwhile, Lala is receiving her monthly allowance from Zastin. Lala then explains that Rito is out shopping for screen tones for his father. On his way home, Rito stops to buy some taiyaki for Zastin as a thanks for helping out his dad. On his way home, Rito notices a girl staring at him. He decides to give her some taiyaki as a nice gesture. She then eats it quickly and comments on how Earth food is weird. Rito wonders why she said Earth. Just then she grabs him, confirming that he is Rito. Suddenly her fingers turn into claws. She then takes a swing at him and explains that someone paid for his assassination, and adds that she has no grudge against him, but it is just business. Meanwhile, an alien named Lacospo sends a transition to Lala in her lab. Locaspo (or Prince Gaama) is another one of Lala's fiance candidates. Locaspo then tells Lala to marry him, and explains that Rito may not be of this world much longer. Locaspo has hired the legendary assassin, Konjiki no Yami (Golden Darkness), to assassinate Rito. Golden Darkness has the ability to transform any part of her body, primarily for weapon-use. Lala and Zastin then rush off to go to Rito's aid. Meanwhile, Rito runs through the town avoiding Golden Darkness' attacks. Just then, Taizou comes out with the tickets he won to Saki's resort from the Christmas party in chapter 34. Just then, he spots Golden Darkness, and immediately asks her to go to the resort with him. She gently says no, and quickly cuts the top of his hair off, shocking him and his followers. Rito hides around a corner. Just then, Golden Darkness breaks through a wall and confronts Rito. Meanwhile, Zastin has lost Lala, and is once again lost, needing to ask someone for directions.