Heavy Christmas (ヘビー·クリスマス HEBĪ KURISUMASU) is the thirty-fourth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Many of the guests are dropping out of the search, and Saki questions where Lala and Rito are. Lala is exceeding at many of the traps, by destroying them, she is also gathering many of the presents. Saki then decides she must go out and face Lala herself. Rito and Lala look for more presents (Rito looking for Haruna's). Suddenly, they come upon a room where Saki, Rin, and Aya stand holding guns loaded with mustard bullets. They start to fire, hitting Rito in the eyes, who is then in excruciating pain. Rito runs blindly, running into Aya, and ending up in an embarrassing situation with her. Aya slaps Rito, and Rito is upset because it wasn't on purpose. Rito finally finds a present with a blue ribbon, believing it to be Haruna's. Rito is then hit in the face again with bullets, while Lala carelessly dodges them from Saki. Saki then resolves to use her hands, calling herself the "Akhido-Queen." However, Lala picks up Saki's gun, insisting on modifying it to make it better. She uses her almighty tool to make it into a huge launcher-type weapon. Saki then believes that Lala is a fool for helping out an enemy. But the gun misfires due to it's power, and ends up destroying Saki's mansion. Everyone manages to get out unharmed. Lala, very cheerful, goes to distribute the presents to all of the guests. Meanwhile, Saki insists she will get her revenge on Lala. Rito wonders what is in the present he believes is Haruna's. Rito opens it up to find it is a very strange reindeer-dog like creature ornament. As it turns out, it is a very expensive ornament that Lala bought for Rito from Planet Rubbish. Lala then opens her present which looks exactly like the one Rito had. Lala opens it up to find that it is gloves from Haruna. Meanwhile, Haruna opens up her present which is from Rito.