I Want to Know More (もっと知りたい Motto shiritai) is the thirty-second chapter of To Love-Ru.


Rito runs around looking for Lala frantically. Meanwhile, Lala and Haruna eat clams at Haruna's house. Just then, Haruna's sister, Sairenji Akiho, walks in, remarking how rare it is for Haruna to bring friends home. Akiho then goes on to treat Haruna like a baby in front of Lala, much to Haruna's chagrin. Lala then remarks that Haruna and her sister are like Rito and Mikan. Haruna then explains that she and her sister live away from their parents to attend school. Lala then notices that there are pictures of Haruna's classes, with Rito in them as well. Haruna then reminisces how Rito helped them win a relay race. Lala then insists that she and Haruna take a bath together. Meanwhile, Rito still frantically searching for Lala, realizes how upset he would be if something were to happen to her because of him. Lala then asks Haruna why Rito gets so mad at her when all she wants to do is help him. Haruna then insists that Rito is opening his heart up to Lala, and he is open to share his emotions with her. Lala asks Haruna to tell her more about her and Rito in junior high, which Haruna gratefully agrees to. The next day, Lala returns home to find Mikan glad that she is home. Mikan tells her how Rito was looking for her all night. Lala then goes upstairs to thank Rito while he is sleeping. Meanwhile, Rito is dreaming about Lala's dad getting mad at him for causing her daughter trouble.