In the Name of Revenge! (復讐の果てに... Fukushū no hate ni...) is the sixty-third chapter of To Love-Ru.


At school, Lala clings to Rito, while Ren comes running up telling Rito not to force Lala. Lala tells Ren to stop fighting with Rito, which makes him sad and he runs off. While on the roof, Ren wonders why Lala only likes Rito. Ren then sneezes, turning him into Run. Run doesn't understand how Ren could hate Rito and like Lala. Run then recalls Lala's treatment of her when they were younger. Lala sprayed Run with a super powerful water gun, took her to the tallest point on Deviluke (Run is afraid of heights), and caught a giant sea-monster. Run then decides to kill two birds with one stone and get back at Lala, which will make Rito love Run more then Lala. While Lala and Rito are eating lunch together, Run comes up and says that they should eat lunch together like they used to. She tries to prank Lala by giving her a super spicy sandwich. Lala eats it and says it's a bit spicy, as she isn't really effected by it. Rito then decides to try one of the sandwiches. The sandwich is ridiculously hot to Rito, who runs off screaming. Lala isn't phased. Later, Lala helps Haruna carry some books, Run tries to use a clothes-removing gas grenade to embarrass Lala in front of the school. But as she's about to throw it, Rito asks her what she is doing. This shocks her, causing her to drop the grenade. Lala and Haruna turn the corner, and see Rito and Run naked, which causes Haruna slaps Rito. As a last ditch effort, Run tries to use a giant hammer to hit Lala. As she is running in, Rito comes up to talk to Lala about his long day. Knowing that she can't stop herself, Run decides to sneeze to frame Ren. Ren hits Rito, and Lala yells at him for it.