Kirisaki Kyōko

Kyouko Kirisaki TLRD Manga


Kanji 霧崎 恭子
Rōmaji Kirisaki Kyōko
Planet Earth (alien heritage from Flame)
Age 17
Birthday August 25
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Height 162.5 cm (5'4")
Weight 49.5 kg
Blood Type O
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Purple
Personal Status
Education Currently attending Private Madou Girl's Highschool
Occupation Idol
Campaign Girl
Relatives Unknown
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 93
Anime Debut Episode 20

Kirisaki Kyōko is a half-human half-Flamian (alien) hybrid girl, who has the ability to create and control fire at will, which she uses in her TV show. Kyouko is a famous idol, best known for her role as Magical Kyouko, the fictional magical girl character and star of her television series, which Lala loves watching. The producers of her show know about her alien heritage, some being aliens themselves.


Being an Idol, Kyouko has purple eyes and short black hair (purple hair in the original series). She is most often seen wearing her magical girl costume: a red pointy hat and cape, a white top and a blue skirt on her show. On some other occasions she is wearing clothing typical of Idols in Japan when performing on stage. Rito once noted that she looks like Haruna when Haruna lets her hair lose (To-Love-Ru Darkness Chapter 28). Her 3-sizes are 85-56-85.


Kyouko is quite kind, modest and friendly to those around her and also cute. She genuinely hates perverts who assault her like the Principal and doesn't hesitate to use her fire abilities to burn them. Kyoko is also quite understandable, especially to Rito, whom she never burned whenever he sees her naked; she also finds his blushed face cute. Sometimes she tends to play with his shyness, such as asking him on a date as a joke. Eventually she starts to develop feelings for him after he saves her from a swarm of fans and running in a princess carry style.


At first, Kyouko was seen as a minor character, only appearing on her TV show until she made her appearance in person when Run began starring as an antagonist at her show. At the same time, it was revealed that she is an human/alien hybrid with actual fire abilities. Ever since their first meeting on her show, she and Run have done many projects together, such as debuting many songs together.

When Nana and Momo bring Rito, Lala and their friends into their virtual reality game (Chapter 93-98, OVA episode 04), they created a scantily clad virtual Kyouko as the demon king, where she temps Rito to become her boyfriend and forget Lala. Rito and the others manage to defeat her and return to the real world, where Lala and the others go back to watching the real Magical Kyouko on TV.

Student kyouko

Kyouko in her school uniform and glasses

Kyouko reappears again when Run asks Rito to pretend to be her boyfriend, however Kyouko is able to tell they aren't really dating, but she is aware of her feelings for him and wishes her luck on getting him.

Later she shows up at Rito's school for a lecture while Run is at a recording and asks Rito to show her around. This was actually a plan to get information on him for Run. However, after she gets swarmed by fans and Rito saves her, she appears to start developing her own feelings towards Rito.

In Chapter 58 of To Love-Ru Darkness, when Run becomes worried about Rito's and Lala's relationship, Kyouko asks Rito to hang out with her so that she can learn about his feelings for Lala. Momo attempts to get Rito and Kyouko into a romantic situation while the two are together in a row boat. Instead, her plan backfires when her and Mea's boat collides with a boat being rowed by Ren, causing her to drop her D-Dial, summoning a mass of plant tentacles with lips. As usual, Rito gets caught in a perverted incident with the girl he is with. However, Kyouko blows fire over the plants, torching them. She is then carried off by Rito for the second time in the series.

Powers and Abilities

Pyrokinesis: Being half-Flamian, Kyouko possesses the ability of fire manipulation, the power to create and control fire with her mind and burn whatever she may desire. She usually passes this off as magic tricks and special effects on her show during her acting role as Magical Kyōko TV series, or to defend herself from perverts like the Principal. Kyouko is also able to create constructs made of fire, such as flame lettering in the air.

  • Fire Breath: She can also create fire by blowing it out of her mouth and creating huge mass of flames.
  • Heat Resistance: Kyouko is practically immune to heat, for it doesn't seem to hurt her when holding flames in her hands or blowing it out of her mouth.

Relationship with Other Characters

Run Elsie Jewelria

Run first met Kyouko when she starred as a villain in her show. At first, Run didn't take too kindly to Kyouko but after getting to know her better, Run sees that Kyouko is a really kind person who listens to Run's music and even reads her blog (and finding out that Kyouko is human/alien hybrid), and they become good friends. Kyouko knows about Run's feelings towards Rito and wishes the best of luck in getting him.

In To Love-ru Darkness, she visits Sainan High and asks Rito to be her tour guide, which is part of her plan to find out what she can about him for Run, but then starts developing feelings for Rito herself. While she continues to talk with Rito in her spare time to learn more about Run's chances for a relationship with him, she has yet to tell Run about her own growing infatuation with him.

Ren Elsie Jewelria

Ren doesn't seem to be as close to Kyouko as Run is, but she is aware of their ability to swap minds and gender through a sneeze. Kyouko has helped them from changing when she and Run are performing together, but this is no longer the necessary as the two have separate bodies now.

Yūki Rito

They first met when Run asked Rito to meet her and pretend to be her boyfriend. Kyouko told Run that she realized about half way through that it was all pretend. Kyouko likes Rito's innocence, as when he saw her naked after a mishap, she finds him cute when he blushed. During her visit at Sainan High, to find out what she can learn about Rito for Run, she starts to develop feelings for him after he saved her from a swarm of rampaging fans and carried her in his arms. Although she is reluctant to acknowledge it, it appears that having been carried in Rito's arms was where she started to have a crush on him. Her feelings for him grow even more in Darkness chapter 58, when she hangs out with him to ask about his feelings for Lala, only to be carried in his arms again after another mishap. When talking about Rito with Run, Kyouko inadvertently mentioned that she was jealous that Run went to the same school as him and got to see him much more regularly than her.

Lala Satalin Deviluke

Lala is a devoted fan of hers and would always watch her show, occasionally with others like her sisters, Mikan, Celine, and even Rito. They first met when she helped repair her clothes due to Run's grenade that dissolved them. She also helped her escape the swarm of fans that were after her with an invention that teleported her and Rito inside a locker (leaving most of their clothes behind).


Kyouko blackcat

Kyouko of Black Cat

Kyouko's character is adapted from "Kyōko Kirisaki" from "Black Cat", another series by artist Yabuki Kentarō. Both characters have the same name, similar appearance, and the same fire-like ability. However, their personalities are different.

The word Kyō (恭) in her name means "respectful", implies her kind and friendly personality towards others.



Magical Kyōko on Mayoi Neko Overrun.

  • Kyouko appeared as her role in Magical Kyouko TV series in Mayoi Neko Overrun! Chapter 1.
  • In Episode 20 of the To Love-ru anime, the whole episode is based on her show. This episode is based on Chapter 88.5, though it was stretched into a full episode.
  • She has a black cat as a pet, likely a reference to the manga/anime of the same name.
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