Kujō Rin

Rin Kujou TLRD Manga


Japanese 九条 凛
Rōmaji Kujō Rin
Planet Earth
Age 16 (second year)
17 (third year)
Birthday October 25
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Height 167.5cm
Weight 54kg
Blood Type A
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
School Sainan High
Class 2-D (chapters 1-48)
3-D (chapters 49-present)
Education Currently attending high school
Occupation High school student
Tenjōin Saki's personal bodyguard
Relatives Tenjōin Saki (in service to)
Kai Kujou (father)
Marital Status Single
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 24
Anime Debut Episode 5
Seiyū Mai Hashimoto

Kujō Rin is Tenjōin Saki's loyal and longest known friend. Rin is skilled in kendo and has been a loyal bodyguard to Saki for years, as her family has always served the Tenjouin family in this position. The bespectacled Aya Fujisaki is weak-willed and became associated with Saki after she and Rin protected her from bullies when they were children.


Rin has brown eyes and hair, which she has a ponytail with a blue scrunchie. Rin is often seen with an emotionless face. Her 3-sizes are B86-W60-H86.


Rin is generally expressionless and formal but can get really angry when it comes to Rito's clumsiness towards her, Aya, and most of all, Saki, who she is very loyal to. Although she has shown to smile practically once to Rito as a sign of understanding, it didn't last long due to another one of his mishaps. She thinks his sister is more reliable than he is. However, Rin began developing feelings with Rito in Darkness Chapter 33 when he saved her, and became more patient and grateful with him. 


Rin has served Saki as her bodyguard, but Saki has always thought of her as a close friend instead. They first met when Rin came to Saki in the garden introducing herself as the daughter of the Tenjouin family's butler and then tells her that she will be serving her starting from that day. Saki acted friendly towards Rin and welcomed her company as her friend, and Rin was deeply touched by it. Although most of the time, Rin maintained a professional manner and service around Saki, she truly considers Saki as a close friend.

It was later revealed that Rin suffers from Acrophobia, the extreme or irrational fear of heights.

Powers and Abilities

  • Swordsmanship: Rin is known to practice Kendo, and is often seen carrying a shinai. The only times she is seen using Kendo are either when training or when she's mad at Rito whenever his clumsiness results in him groping her, Saki or Aya. She has also beaten up the principal time from time. Because she does not involve herself with Rito, his alien friends or their adventures and antics, she is mostly left out of any potentially dangerous situation, and so the full extent of her expertise in Kendo has not yet been seen.
  • Marksmanship: On chapter 83, she has shown to also have some sharpshooting skills.


Character What they call her What she calls them
Yūki Rito Kujou-senpai Yuuki Rito
Tenjōin Saki Rin Saki-sama
Fujisaki Ayako Rin Aya
Yūki Mikan Rin-san (initially Kujou-san) Mikan (initially Yuuki Mikan)


Her first name (Rin - 凛) means awesome, epic.


  • Rin made a cameo appearance, along with Saki and Aya, in Mayoi Neko Overrun! in Chapter 3 page 24.