Kanji ラコスポ
Rōmaji Rakosupo
Planet Gaama
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Education Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Has a harem of at least four humanoid girls.
Unusual Features - Small
- Green skinned
- Frog-like
- Pointy ears
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 35
Anime Debut Episode 11
Voice Actor
Japanese Kappei Yamaguchi
English Mark Laskowski

Lacospo is a prince from the planet Gaama as well as one of Lala's fiancé candidates and one of the few antagonists in the first series. He is by far the most persistent of Lala's suitors and most recurring to try to win her love. Appearing multiple times in the manga to steal Lala, and even hired Yami and Ranjula to assassinate Yūki Rito.


Lacospo is a small frog-like alien with green skin, purple lips and pointy ears. He is most of the time dressed in a royal manor such as a blue top with what might be a crest symbol from his planet, a red cape, several rings on each finger, and a big green hat with a turquoise stone (in the manga his hat was color pattern dark and light).


Lacospo is quite selfish and full of himself. Like most of Lala's fiancé candidates, he has deep love interests in her but also like the others, he only cares about being the next successor to Deviluke, only caring for her looks instead of her opinion about any thing and adding her to his own harem. He can be quite a pervert even in a fight, like when fighting against Lala and Yami, he used the mucus of his giant pet frog Gama to desolve thier clothes. He would usually hire someone else to do his dirty work.


Lacospo first appears when he calls Lala to become his bride because he called the assasin Golden Darkness to kill Rito Yuuki. He later appeared in person from his flying saucer to claim her but she declines it much to his disappointed, to a further extend, Yami refuses to Kill Rito due to Lacospo giving her wrong information about him trying to take over the Deviluke throne. Afraid that she might turn against, he call's apon his huge pet frog, an Erogama named "Gama-Tan". With it Lacospo attacks Golden Darkness using it's mucus which dissolved her clothes, he gets off track and focuses on stripping her, she fights back only to no avail and getting more of her clothing desolved. Just as he was about hit her eit more mucous, Lala gets in the way of it, Lacospo gets excited over her naked body but Peke was was able to reconstruct them. Angered by it, he ordered Gama to shoot his mucus continuously at Lala but she quickly avoids it, she appears near him and punches both him and Gama a numerous amount of times and finaly sends them flying (literally). In the anime series, Peke doesn't have enough time to reconstruct Lala's clothes. As Gama-Tan shoots lala with mucus, Rito got in his way and punched Lacospo at his face. Angered, Gama-Tan caught Rito with its tongue and Lacospo ordered Gama-Tan to crush Rito. Consequently, Lala gave the two antagonist a barrage of heavy punches sending them to the space.

In the manga series, he appeared once again before Lala and her friends at a festival with an armored Gama-Tan and telling them that he hired another assassin named Ranjula, that specializes in using threads and stating that he would kill Rito (although unaware that he was soon defeated by Yami). Lacospo then uses Gama to attack with it's mucus that melts away both Oshizu and Haruna clothes, he tells Lala that he'll order Gama to stop if she agrees to marry him, but Nana suddenly interrupts notecing Gama as an "Erogama" and then summons a Jiro snake which happens to be its natural predetor. Frightened by the huge snake, Gama now takes orders from Nana much to Lacospo's anger, Lala then brings out an invetion called "Slapping Fireworks-Kun", she tells him to never come back and throws her invention at him which then explodes on him in mid-air.


  • Lacospo has a striking resemblance to a Dragon Ball character, Emperor Pilaf:
    • Both are small
    • Both have odd colored skin
    • Both have pointy ears
    • Both dress in a similer manor
    • Both are antagonist in their respected anime
  • Out of all of Lala's fiance candidates, Lacospos is perhaps the most cruel of them.
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