Ladies, Be Modest (女は淑やかに Onna wa shitoyaka ni) is the thirtieth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Rito wakes up that morning to find Lala holding onto him, sleeping in his bed. Naturally, he tells her to sleep in her own bed. However, Lala is noticeably acting different when she acts self-conscious, and runs out of his room covering herself. Rito wonders what was with that response. On the way to school, Rito begs Lala not to be mad and to go back to normal. Lala then tells Rito that she was just embarrassed, which shocks Rito because it's so out of character. Suddenly, Haruna, Risa, and Mio walk up and greet them. Lala responses with an uncharacteristically calm greeting, which shocks all of them. In school, Ren runs up to Lala and repeatedly tells her how great she is. This attention embarrasses Lala, who hides behind Rito. When she asks Ren to stop because it's embarrassing, it hurts him, and he runs off apologizing. Rito then takes Lala up to the roof to talk to her about her strange behavior. However, a gust of wind blows up Lala's skirt, revealing her panties. Lala is immediately embarrassed again, and asks Rito if he saw. Lala then calls Rito very ecchi which makes Rito even more shocked. Rito then thinks to himself that Lala is cute, and contemplates his feelings, but is shocked and insists that Lala turns back to normal. Rito then notices that Lala has a high fever. Just then, the school nurse, Mikado, comes out and explains to Rito that it is a cold known as "Korotto-Flu," which she then explains that the cold changes her personality. Rito realizes that Lala got it while getting his birthday present. Rito then also wonders how Mikado-Sensei knows about this. He asks if she is an alien, which she indeed is. Mikado-Sensei then explains that it is not uncommon to have aliens in hiding on Earth. Mikan then contemplates that there are multiple aliens hiding on Earth, and questions why Peke didn't notice the fever. Mikan then tells Rito that it is good that Lala is back to normal. That night Rito contemplates that Lala's calm persona wasn't so bad.