Like Lovers at a Festival (恋人気分で夏祭り Koibito kibun de natsumatsuri) is the sixty-second chapter of To Love-Ru.


Haruna, Risa, and Mio are at a festival, walking around. Meanwhile, Rito, Lala, and Mikan are enjoying some cotton candy. Rito looks somewhat burned out, and Lala asks him what's wrong. Rito then explains that he's exhausted from walking around so much, so Lala tells him to rest while she and Mikan run off to play games. Yui then runs into Rito, surprised to see him there. Rito then invites Yui to hang out with him, Lala, and Mikan. Rito is then pushed into yet another embarrassing situation with Yui. This naturally leads to her punching him, and he gets caught in a crowd of people. When he stops, he looks up to see Haruna. Haruna had gotten separated from group as well. One of the game owners calls them lovebirds, and asks if they want to try a game. Rito then tries to show off in front of Haruna, but fails. Haruna then tries to cheer him up, because the man gave them a free goldfish. The two of them laugh at getting called a couple. Then, they go to get some Takoyaki, and hang out around the festival. The two then accidentally walk into a couples park. Rito tries to seize the chance to confess to Haruna, and actually manages to say he likes her. However, his words are masked by the fireworks. Risa, Mio, and Yui then run into them. Risa then teases Haruna about trying to get Rito to go out with her. Haruna denies it strongly, which Rito seems to notice. Lala and Mikan then show up with an absurdly large amount of prizes. The group then sits and watches the fireworks.