Japanese マロン
Rōmaji Maron
Planet Earth
Hair Color Black and white
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Occupation Pet Dog
Relatives Sairenji Haruna (Owner)
Sairenji Akiho (Owner)
Unusual Features - Really weird-looking face
- Enjoys licking girls in perverted manner
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyū Hiroyuki Yoshino

Maron (マロン, Maron) is Haruna Sairenji's pet dog.


Maron is a really small Boston Terrier dog with a black and white color scheme, which is mostly white and black on his back over his head. He has big round black eyes and is always seen with his tongue out. He is described by a few characters to have a goofy yet cute face.


Maron often describes himself as a "Proud Boston Terrier". Maron has the utmost respect for Haruna, because she takes such good care of him. Maron sees himself as a freeloader, and feels that he must protect and comfort Haruna. Maron hates baths, however, he would never let Haruna know that. He describes his full name as Maron Sairenji, after his owners.

Maron believes that licking is a pet's greatest form of affection to its master, and takes great pride in his "skills" in licking, apparently not knowing its perverted appearance on a female human. In chapter 44, after Rito became a dog because of Lala's body-switching invention, Haruna ignorantly brought him home to take care of him, and Maron aggressively teaches him to lick Haruna, which Rito reluctantly forced himself to do before running away in shame.

Maron has a wild animalistic side which he has a hard time controlling, like getting distracted over a butterfly or uncontrollably lick Nana or Momo tails from just seeing them waving in front of him.

Powers and Abilities

Nana Maron MTLR EP11 02

Maron licking Nana's tail.

  • Master of Licking: Maron is, for the most part, an ordinary dog. But he does possess an unusual ability to lick any girl into complete submission. He is able to lick Haruna and Mea in multiple parts all over their bodies seemingly at the same time, receiving no resistance from either of them even when he is licking their private parts. Towards Nana and Momo, he instinctively jumps to and licks their tails, which are their weaknesses. Maron perhaps possesses an innate and unconscious ability to know which parts of a girl are most sensitive to his licking.
  • Strong Sense Of Smell: As a dog he also has keen sense of smell, though he generally uses his sense of smell to identify girls.
  • Intelligence: Although this could be due to the series' comical surrealism, Maron also appears to be rather intelligent for a dog. He is able to understand Haruna when she speaks out her thoughts, and knows that she has a crush on Rito Yuuki. He also speaks in a very civil manner with Nana, and has a very human-like personality, albeit with a dog's common sense.

Relationships with Other Characters

Sairenji Haruna

His owner, whom he respects the most for always taking care of him, he describes her as having a mild and soft-hearted scent. He is aware of Haruna's feelings towards Rito, saying that she has love problems.

Sairenji Akiho

Akiho is his actual owner but due to always working, Haruna is always the one taking care of him.

Nana Astar Deviluke

As Nana is able to speak with animals, she and Maron occasionally speak to each other. She asked Maron to help console her friend, Mea and Maron proceeded to aggressively lick all over her, causing her to develop a fetish for being licked.


Character What they call him What he calls them
Yūki Rito Maron Yuuki Rito
Sairenji Haruna Maron Master
Nana Astar Deviluke Maron Nana



Maon Cameo
  • A dog who looks like him makes an cameo appearance in the Anime "Haiyore! Nyaruko-san" during episode 4, but that was not Maron.