Kanji マウル
Planet Deviluke
Hair Color Blonde (manga)
Purple (anime)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voice Actor
Japanese Jun Konno

Maul is one of Lala's bodyguards that chased after her when she ran away from home to avoid marrying any one of the candidates her father chooses.


He is always seen with black suits and shades.

In the manga Maul is tanned, has blonde hair and gold eyes. In the anime Maul has straight purple hair, a pointy beard and appears to have red pale skin; he also has a long scar on his left eye from an unknown injury.

He has the typical black Devilukean tail with the end of it being diamond shaped.



Maul and Smutts in the manga

Not much is known about his personality seeing how he always seems emotionless. This is because of how he always takes his assignment very seriously and would use brute force to complete it if necessary and is very loyal to whoever he works for like Gid, Zastin and/or Saibai. Along with Zastin and Smutts, he also work for Saibai as manga artists, which they seem to enjoy.

While Maul often talks, Smutts is rarely seen speaking.


Zastin, Maul and Smutts manage to track Lala to Earth by following Peke, who unwittingly lead them into Rito's room in his home. There they found her and tried to bring her back but were caught off guard when Rito distracted them and helped her get away. They were able to catch up with them but were defeated when Lala used one of her inventions, Go-Go Vacuum-Kun, a giant octopus-like machine, to suck them and Zastin (who had just arrived on the scene, in the anime) into it. Then the invention exploded with them inside.

They apperently stopped chasing her when learning that she was already engaged to Rito. Maul and Smutts appear less frequently than almost any other character and they serve little purpose in the series, although they have appeared slightly more within the anime series. They both work as Zastin's subordinates and are hardly ever seen without him. They now work as Saibai's mangaka co-workers after the old ones quit.

In the Manga they make brief appearances even in To Love-Ru Darkness.



Maul and Smutts greatly respect him as their captain. They will not hesitate to complete assignments given to them by him. The former has also offered Zastin alcohol to cheer him up after both Lala and Gid got mad at him for seeing Golden Darkness (who was visiting the Yuuki residence) as an enemy.

Powers and Abilities

Being residences of Deviluke, his physical abilities are far greater than most other races. They possess incredible strength, able to jump high and possess enough strength to throw a truck with ease.

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