Risa Momioka

Risa Momioka TLRD Manga

Risa 1

Kanji 籾岡 里紗
Rōmaji Momioka Risa
Planet Earth
Age 15 (First year)
16 (Second year)
Birthday July, 21
Height 167cm (5'6")
Weight 54.5kg
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
School Sainan High
Class 2-A
Education Currently attending Sainan High
Marital Status Single
Unusual Features Always gropes other girls' breasts, along with Mio Sawada
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 6
Anime Debut Episode 4
Voice Actor
Japanese Ryōka Yuzuki
English Margaret McDonald

Risa Momioka is Haruna and Mio's best friend and Rito and Lala's classmate. She is very fun-loving, mischievous and perverted. She enjoys talking about naughty things, teasing Rito, and her favorite thing to do is groping the breasts of other girls and whisper naughty things into their ears to tease them. Risa is possibly bisexual, as there are explicit scenes showing her perverted actions towards both males and females, or lust towards woman's body.

She is also part of her school's tennis club like Haruna, but she mostly skips it to do other things like karaoke.


Risa is an attractive girl with dirty blond colored hair and dark brown eyes. She has a curvaceous figure (though not at the level of Lala or Yui), and her 3-sizes are B83-W60-H85. She sometimes has trouble keeping boys at bay. Of all her classmates she is probably the most willing to use her figure to attract attention, save for comedic scenes.

It's also notable that when in school, she does not wear a tie, which is included and supposedly required with the uniforms of female students.

Risa likes wearing her school uniform even on days off, seeing it as a brand itself.


Risa tease

Risa teasing Rito, much to her and Mio's amusement and Rito's chagrin

Risa is quite indecent, as she always goes around groping other girls' breasts and suggesting how something would lead to an erotic situation. She also enjoys teasing other people about sexual things, getting amusement out of their confused and/or bashful responses. She can be nosy and likes to joke about other people's personal business like their love lives, such as when she asks Yui if there is someone she has in mind or giving Lala bad advice about her relationship with Rito. She and Mio tend to enjoy anything "ecchi" that happens around them, like Mea's Trans-ability to increase her bust size. Risa is in fact so amazingly perverted that even Momo is impressed, intimidated, and vexed by her technique when Risa gropes her in the shower.

It is possible that Risa is bisexual, as evidenced by her admiration and magnetic attraction to the female body, and in chapter 40.5 in the manga (To love Ru Darkness), we see a side of Risa's lecherous approach towards Momo. Strong yuri was implied in that chapter as Risa was sexually touching Momo and playing with her tail while it was between Risa's legs. It is not known how Risa feels towards Rito. Whether it's a boy or a girl, Risa is generally drawn to people whom she can freely tease sexually.


Risa is a very mischievous and perverted girl. And so, she likes to be around shy and unwilling people whom she can tease and play with easily.

Yūki Rito

It is not known what Rito and Risa feel for each other, but it could be assumed that they are generally friends, or at least acquainted through Haruna. While various other girls consider Rito to be a pervert, Risa knows that he is an innocent boy to a fault and likes to tease him about sexual subjects.

Rito wishes that the naive Lala would stop taking lewd ideas from Risa and Mio. Risa doesn't take Rito's nervousness around sex and temptation seriously, and likes to play with his shyness around girls and occasionally gropes the breasts of other girls in front of him, knowing that she's making him feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Very early in the story, she didn't think much of him as anything special. In chapter 147 and episode 10 of Motto To Love-Ru, she takes a much closer and bolder approach in teasing him, but it is still unclear that the feelings are totally platonic since Risa seem to only toy with Rito and her feelings could just be lust. She has gone on record that saying he can be helpful, innocent, and even cute when he overreacts to things.

In a To Love-Ru Darkness side story, when Momo asked her what type of guy she likes, she answers it was someone like Rito, but it was hinted that Risa actually likes shy-types of people, since Rito is the only shy guy in the series that gets totally flustered in the face of provocative occurrences as opposed to lusting after beautiful women. Another evidence that prove Risa likes shy types of people is that she shows strong perverted action towards Haruna and Yui, since both girls are uncomfortable with perverted mischief, especially towards Haruna, who is really subtle and shy. It was as also revealed in chapter 40.5 of (To love Ru Darkness), as Momo ran way in embarrassment, she commented how cute Momo was and that it reminded her of a certain someone (likely Rito). But has shown to Harbor some feelings to him (episode 10 of Motto To Love-Ru).

She would try once again to be close to Rito but, under Nemesis control, Rito teases her. However, they were prevented from doing something shameless by Yui and Nana. After Rito was gone, Risa don't believe that Rito could do something like that and was not angry about him, and is hinted that she could have feelings for him, or it is just her desire to fill the void in her heart created by her busy parents.[1] She even calling him "darling" affectionately during their interrupted ecchi moment.[2]

Lala Satalin Deviluke

She is good friends with Lala. Risa likes groping/complimenting her breasts and giving her intentionally wrong or lewd ideas to her questions about how to get Rito to 'like her more', which is something he really dislikes.

Momo Belia Deviluke

Like with any other girl, Risa likes to tease and play with Momo. She is practically shown to be even more indecent than Momo herself, being able to make her react when she was molesting her. She has stated that she likes that reaction of hers, comparing it to Rito's.

Momo herself is also very perverted and enjoys sexual pleasure, though only by Rito. Nevertheless, it's surprising that she, of all people, would be so overwhelmed when she was 'hit on' by Risa.

Sawada Mio

Risa's friend and partner in crime, she also enjoys groping girls' breasts and whispering in their ears.

Sairenji Haruna

Risa's friend, whom she occasionally gropes along with her friend Mio, sometimes saying they've "grown" as a means of friendly teasing, mostly in front of Rito. Haruna often gets annoyed and even mad at her for when she talks about erotic things, especially when she involves Rito in it.

Kotegawa Yui

Risa is one of the people that Yui has to tolerate the most because of her indecent behavior, like groping her's or other girls' breasts, claiming her and also Mio shameless. However Risa also calls Yui shameless for having an attractive body. Risa would sometimes tease her about these sorts of things which further angers her.

Saruyama Kenichi

Along with Mio, Risa hates Saruyama; they regard him as a creep. They are annoyed with his pervertedness, which is ironic as they are perverted themselves. For Valentine's day, they also joked that the chocolates they were giving him would be his first and last chocolates.


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