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Momo Belia Deviluke
Kanji モモ・ベリア・デビルーク
Rōmaji Momo Beria Debirūku
Planet Deviluke
Birthday August, 8
Zodiac Sign Leo
Gender Female
Height 151cm (4'11")
Weight 45kg
Blood Type B
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
School Sainan High School
Class 1-B
Education Currently attending Sainan High School
Occupation Third Princess of Planet Deviluke
Relatives Lala Satalin Deviluke (Older Sister)
Nana Astar Deviluke (Twin Sister)
Gid Lucione Deviluke (Father)
Sephie Michaela Deviluke (Mother)
Marital Status Single
Unusual Features - Devilukean tail
- Able to communicate with plants
- Perverted
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 97
Anime Debut OVA 4
Voice Actor
Japanese Aki Toyosaki
English Natalie Rial

Momo Belia Deviluke is Nana's twin, as well as Lala's younger sister. As Gid's daughter, she holds the title of "Third Princess of Deviluke" as she is the youngest out of his three daughters. In To Love-Ru, she used to be seen with Nana all the time, but in To Love-Ru Darkness, they are not together as often as before. This is because while Nana became friends with Kurosaki Mea, whom she hangs out with more often, Momo becomes more attached to Rito and focuses on expanding "The Harem Plan" she has for him.


Momo has short pink hair and purple eyes. In the To LOVE-Ru manga, Momo's hair was frizzy, but in the beginning of To LOVE-Ru Darkness she straightened her hair out in hopes that Rito would see her as more mature. She also has two small flowers on her hair. Like all Devilukeans, Momo has a long black tail at her back, and like her sisters, she has a spade-shaped tail end. Momo also has a bigger bust than Nana, which the latter sometimes envies. When Momo turns into "evil Momo", she acquires a short fang similar to Nana's except that Nana's fang is on her left side while Momo's is on her right side. Her pupils also become thinner and pointed.

According to the official databook, Momo's measurements were B78-W54-H78 in the original manga. In To LOVE-Ru: Darkness, the Venus Momo Club members estimated her measurements to be B80-W54-H79.


While other characters would describe her as sweet, kindhearted and innocent, the real Momo is above all else highly perverted, a side of herself which she doesn't show to others much, with the exception of Rito, whom she loves and lusts for. She often fantasizes perverted situations with Rito even if it's him with another girl, and desires for him to become sexually active towards her. Sometimes, whenever Momo gets caught up in the moment of imagining an ecchi situation with Rito and some other girl, she has a tendency to drool. She often sneaks into his bed at night half naked to sleep with him because, in his sleep, he becomes much more frisky and physically active than he is aware of. She is essentially the complete polar opposite of Rito Yuuki.

She seems to enjoy physical pleasure so much that it's difficult to determine whether or not she is mistaking lust for love. One of the main reasons that she fell in love with Rito is because she loves his unintentional lustful tendencies which he shows when asleep. She doesn't care if she is not Rito's favorite lover, and is perfectly satisfied being one of many partners, and hopes that Rito's other love interests are also as willing to compromise and share their love for Rito. She even tempted Rito with an offer of his own "flower garden of girls". Nonetheless, whatever way she interprets love, she at least takes it seriously. She is not willing to show her lustful side to anyone or be groped by anyone except Rito. She turned down the chance to be accidentally kissed by Rito in his sleep, wanting to receive a kiss from him only when he wants to.

However, after her mother visits her and questions her if her heart is fine with her plan, Momo begins to see her own Harem Plan in a more logical perspective. While she convinces herself that she would be perfectly content with being a part of Rito's harem, she is now showing obvious signs of reluctance and doubting if she would be truly happy with sharing Rito with all of the other girls.

She is very caring towards plants, due to her ability to communicate with them, and treats them as her friends and should the situation be fit to their abilities, her tools and weapons. In fact she notes one of the reasons she fell for Rito was his kindness towards Celine and the plants in his garden, after which she only progressively falls deeper in love with him, which gradually goes from teasing him, to sleeping in his bed, to conducting the Harem Plan all to secure her place beside him.

Momo is also known for her yandere tendencies, which some characters who truly know her would describe to be the real Momo. She is generally sweeter than her twin sister, but develops a bad attitude whenever Nana takes credit for something they do. She also shows a darker and more sinister side of herself whenever her friends are in trouble, and she becomes more mischievous and hostile. Some examples of this are when Nana and Yami were in trouble on Planet Mistletoe, when the VMC planned to beat up Rito, and when Yami, Mikan and Rito were threatened by Azenda. People have generally stated that Momo becomes very scary when this occurs. Momo calls this her battle state, a state which Yami and Mea have noted that she has a tremendous amount of bloodlust.

Although she can be rather perverse and even selfish with her desires on occasions, she is still a very kind person to those she cares about and is willing to do anything to make them happy, including helping Rito choose more than one woman when he obviously cares about so many. Many of her perverted antics, while also being for her own enjoyment, are more often than not done to titillate and arouse Rito out of love and lust at the same time. She's even willing to go to the extent of being absolutely protective over others, like when she made it her current goal at a time to make sure Rito wasn't harmed by Yami, and threatening the VMC to let Rito go and apologize to him after beating him up and promising to do worse.

Momo occasionally fiddles with her hair when thinking over important situations concerning either Nemesis or her Harem plan, which she would seem very serious about.

Like Rito, she also has an interest in playing video games, most notably when buying love sim games for ideas for her "harem plan".


Ever since childhood, Momo and Nana always argued. Whenever they fight, their older sister, Lala, would always arrange ways for them to make up, and for Zastin not to be angry with them. An example of this is when they were children, and Momo and Nana were fighting, but Lala caused her inventions to run amok then asked for Momo and Nana's help to catch them, so that Momo and Nana will work together, and Zastin would scold Lala instead.

At some point, Momo travelled through space and met tons of plants she befriended due to her ability to talk to them.

Powers and abilities

Momo's Canon Flower.

Devilukean/Charmain Hybrid Physiology: Like all Devilukeans, Momo physical abilities are incredibly strong. Momo also has a hidden side to her known as "Evil Momo" (which she calls it her "battle mode"), in this state she has tremendous bloodlust, making her dangerous in battle. Despite her true power hasn't been shown in any battle yet, Nana seems to be scared of this side of Momo. Yami and Nemesis are also aware of her hidden power.

However, her most notable ability is communicating with all plant life. It is revealed that this is a result of being of Charmian descent.

  • Superhuman Strength: as a Devilukean, Momo possesses incredible strength.

Tail shot.

  • Devilukean Tail: She also has the ability to fire lightning out from the tip of her tail, when using this ability in tandem with with Nana's, it creates an even more powerful lighting shot. Like her sisters, Momo also becomes weak whenever someone touches her tail (however, given her personality, she apparently enjoys it as it has an erotic feeling to it).
  • Botanical Communication: An ability unique only to Momo. She shares a connection to plant life since she was born, being able to communicate with them.
    • Expert Xenobotanist and Horticulturalist: Momo's ability to understand plant life allows her to become an expert botanist. She understands the biology and chemistry of most plant life in the galaxy, and the abilities and effects of their spores, pollens and other characteristics. She maintains her own interplanetary garden, which she is able to access through her d-dial phone to call any of her plants and use their abilities for varying purposes, including combat.

Intelligence: Momo also has a great intellect and an aptitude with her sister Lala's technology, like creating the virtual world video game Trouble Quest, programming a cyber safari for Nana, and generating an invisible barrier. In terms of technology, she is not as smart as Lala, but far more than Nana. She is especially knowledgeable with the biology of most plant-life in the galaxy.

Acting: She's also proven to be a very good actress, managing to fool Rito while in Nana's body that 'Nana' was attracted to him and wanted make sure he liked her despite her breast size. Most notably, she manages to trick everyone into thinking she is a sweet and innocent girl.


Momo's Anti-Gravity Wings and D-Dial.

D-Dial: An invention with the same functions as a regular phone, however her D-Dial is capable of summoning plants and fruits that she has met through out space, whenever she needs them from an interplanetary botanical garden.

Anti-Gravity Wing System: A small chip placed at the back of most of her clothes that gives her a pair of devilish wings on the back to enable flight. This is an invention made by Lala.

Laptop: Momo has a unique Laptop, which is what she used to create a virtual space for the game Trouble Quest and the Cyber Safari for her plants and Nana's animals. It can also change the scenery through a window like making seem like it's raining.

Transmutational Barrier Generator: A device that creates a huge force field, big enough to contain a whole house.


Character What they call her What she calls them
Yuuki Rito Momo Rito-san
Lala Satalin Deviluke Momo Onee-sama
Nana Astar Deviluke Momo Nana
Yuuki Mikan Momo-san Mikan-san
Yuuki Saibai Momo-chan Father
Kurosaki Mea Momo-chan Mea-san
Yami Princess Momo, Momo Yami-san, Konjiki no Yami-san (earlier)
Zastin Momo-sama Zastin-san
Sairenji Haruna Momo-chan Haruna-san
Kotegawa Yui Momo-chan Kotegawa-san
Momioka Risa Momo-chi Momioka-san, Momioka Risa (in thoughts)
Nakajima Momo-sama, Momo-san (earlier) Nakajima-san
Saruyama Kenichi Momo-chan Saruyama-san


Momo's given name is the japanese word for "peach" (桃).

Like the other parts of the Devilukean family, Momo's second name Belia (ベリア Beria) is a reference to the demons, Belial or Berith.

Her middle name Belia may also refer to Beelzebub, who was one of the three superior spirits (or the Unholy Trinity) of Hell, together with Lucifer (Satan) and Astaroth.



  • Her estimated age of 14[1] seems to be based on the school year that she and her sister joined. However the people that make the estimation has no first hand knowledge and was proven wrong on her three sizes.
    • Furthermore in another chapter it is shown that Nana and Momo was allowed to join the school because of the perverted principal, suggesting that there should actually be a problem with them enrolling. I.E they might be too young to actually join.
  • Her middle name is also transliterated to "Velia", "Veria", "Beria" or "Bella" in some fan translations.
  • Her actual design and Mea's were based on another character by Yabuki Kentarō: Amane Yuka from the one-shot Futagami Double, who had a cameo in the manga Mayoi Neko Overrun! Chapter 3 page 23.


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