Bangaihen: Multiplication ~From the Front and From Behind~ is a 23rd Bangaihen and 1st bonus chapter released after Chapter 77 of To LOVE-Ru Darkness manga.


The chapter begins with Lala inventing something in her room, Mikan asks her to take a bath but sees her inventing something special.The next day at school, Nemesis uses the principal as a chair, and is shown reading a manga .The manga is revealed to be the final volume of To Love-Ru Darkness. Kotegawa and Nana show up, and Kotegawa forbids Nemesis for such violations.Nemesis says that he is enjoying being a chair.Principal says that it's ok to be scolded by any student and ordered by any girl. In the meantime, Yami and Mea show up eating taiyaki and lollipops. Mea says to Nemesis that she is a student at the school now so she should be responsible. After a small conversation they begin to fight for a warm up exercise because they believe that they will get weak if they don't exercise. Yami gets angry being neglected and joins in. Kotegawa and Nana beg them to stop fighting in the school grounds as it's a violation of school morals.Mean while in the school, Haruna is carrying some books to place on a shelf. Rito arrives and helps her. Haruna looks happy that Rito helped him and says that Yuuki is kind. While talking they are interrupted when Lala arrives and shows her invention named Nyan Nyan Copy-Kun, a cat robot that can make a clone of anything .Haruna asks her what does it do. Lala says it can copy anything that touches it. Haruna accidentally trips over Rito's leg,making him to fell onto Lala and the robot, receiving an electric shock resulting in Rito getting a clone of himself every time he sneezes. At first there are two Ritos that fall on Sairenji in an Ecchi fall.One grabs the boobies and other the panties. Both Ritos get up, apologizing. Real Rito asks what the cure is for such an incident.She says if the tail of robot is squeezed the effect will finish.They try to grab it but it runs away from them. Momo appears and tells that she saw onee-sama's invention going that way. Rito sneezes one more time resulting in another clone of himself. If he sneezes again and again he will multiply. The chapter ended while Rito has two clones of himself, and the story will be continued in Bangaihen 24.



  • Lala said that she made the copy robot look like a cat because it's cute, but this might be a pun on the term "copycat".
  • Rito and Sairenji are shown in a nice mood without hesitation.

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