Nana summons her animal pets

Nana's Cyber Safari Park

Nana's cyber safari park

Due to Nana's ability to communicate with animals, she has befriended animals from all across space and kept them with her as pets. With the use of the D-Dial Lala invented for her, Nana can summon animals wherever she is from a Cyber Safari, a virtual space that Momo created where Nana keeps her pets. Sometimes her pets can cause just as much trouble as Lala inventions.

  • Gii-Chan: Known as a Giga wild boar from the planet Shishinabe, a huge pig-like animal with tusks, it was used against Zastin and his subordinates as it rammed right through them. As stated by Lala, it is a rare animal.
  • Jiro Snake: A huge cobra-like animal which is the natural predator of a frog-like species Erogama.
  • Gama-Tan: An Erogama is a frog-like animal with slime that can dissolve clothes. It originally belonged to Lacospo until it became Nana's out of fear when she summoned her Jiro Snake. Nana stated that it's also a rare species.
  • Crimson Turtle: A huge spike-shelled crimson-colored turtle that Saruyama won in a game (however it's unlikely he kept it). It is also considered as a rare species.
  • Oku-Chan: A giant red Kyuu Octopus from the planet Hacchi. Nana attempted to use its suckers on her chest in a desperate attempt to make her breasts bigger. It didn't work. 
  • Marimotta: A small pet alien that looks like a pinkish-white furball with small bird feet and black pigmentation around its eyes. It has a strong sense of smell, which Nana uses to find her friends. 
  • Modorin: A purple skunk-like animal known as the Skunk of Youth with the ability to make people temporarily younger by spraying them with its gas. Originally Run's pet, she decided to let the skunk stay in Nana's cyber safari park, where it now lives with its own family in an environment like its own home world.
  • Drasuke: A large carnivorous dragon like creature that tried to eat Rito as soon as it saw him.
  • Meda-Q: A small baby alien from the planet Tentac. It has a shelled body, one eye and several wriggly tentacles. It likes to hug and wrap its tentacles around people it likes, like Yami (!). It also likes sweet food, and after eating one, it gets very wild, its small tentacles grow much longer, and it begins wrapping (and stripping) anyone around itself in classic ecchi fashion. 
  •  Cloud-on : A cloud-like creature with a quite funny facial appearance, It seems to have the ability to shoot lightning strong enough to even trouble Yami.
  •  Kyuu Octopus Babies: Babies of the Kyuu Octopus in the Cyber Safari. Nana attempts to show them to Mea, only for the babies to entangle the two girls.
  •  Mosha Jellyfish: A jellyfish which imitates person, or person in memory by touching the person. It is a rare animal which inhabits in Doppel Galaxy. Mosha means to imitate or mimic in Japanese.
  •  Mikera: A small cat-like animal which cries "Nyun". Sephie gave Nana this animal.
  •  Gesoruski: An enormous cuttlefish called as Ololon Cuttlefish which is one of Nana's animals. It cries "Olololon".

Anime onlyEdit

  • Maron: In the fourth OVA, Nana temporary summoned Haruna's pet dog Maron, as one of her animals, but for some reason he was huge and everyone could understand him.