One More Time, Starting Here (もう一度ここから Mō ichido koko kara) is the forty-ninth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Rito waters Celine, wondering if Haruna will be in his class in the new semester. Then Mikan calls him in for dinner. When Rito comes inside, Lala is standing there naked, telling Rito how excited she is to be a second year student. Rito then tells Lala not to stand around the house naked. Lala then explains that Peke isn't awake. Rito then tells Lala to at least act at least a little shy about being naked. Lala interprets and tells Rito that she will act more shy when she stands around the house naked. Peke then wakes up and Lala gets dressed. Mikan tells them to hurry up or else they'll be late. Rito then wonders what will come of his relationship between him and Lala now that the fiance-charade is off. In a hurry, Lala grabs Rito's hand and starts running at super speeds. Rito can't breath with the air in his face, and tells Lala to stop. She does abruptly, sending Rito flying far into the sky. Rito then lands on Yami on top of a building. Yami then hits Rito back to Lala, who takes the blame for throwing him so far. Rito then wonders why this happens to him so early in the morning. Lala then explains to Rito that they are in the same spot that he "Confessed his love to her," one year ago to the day. Lala then explains that she knows that it wasn't meant for her, but then tries to remember who else was there (Haruna). Lala then tells Rito that she wants to tell him something, and she finds the setting fitting. Lala then tells Rito that she loves him, more then anyone else in the universe, and that she is going to try her best to make him love her too. Rito is then shocked and doesn't know what to say. Lala then breaks the silence, telling him they need to get going so they won't be late. Lala then summons her invention "Skip-Skip Warp-Kun." Rito then worries about the invention (because of "Pyon-Pyon Warp-Kun"). Lala insists that it has been fixed. Rito and Lala then warp to the girl's locker room. Rito is warped right under Haruna's skirt. Haruna then slaps Rito and runs off. Lala then explains that she fixed the invention so that it would teleport to a specific spot. Of course it still can't warp clothes. Just then a girl watches Rito and Lala, telling them she will not allow them to ruin the school's morals.

Trivia Edit

  • This chapter marks the one year anniversary of the serialization of To Love-Ru.