Planet Kirara
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue/sparkling
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents
One older and five yonger brother's
Marital Status Single
Unusual Features -Sparkling eyes
-Always wears a rocket suit
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 9
Voice Actor
Japanese Shinichiro Miki
English Adam Gibbs

Pikari is a Kirarian from a planet Kirara that is described as the State of Light. He is another one of Lala's fiancé candidates and he only appeared in the anime series at Episode 9.


Pikari has blonde hair and blue eyes that always seems to sparkle. Like all Kirarian's, he is always seen with a rocket suit from his planet which is famous for thier rocket suit technology. Other aliens seem to recognise his race by the suit he wears.


The way he is kind to women makes him sort of a lady's man, like kissing a girl on the forehead out of gratitude, dispite already choosing to marry Lala. Unlike most Lala's fiance candidates, Pikari is the least selfish of them all but he would also force her into marriage like the rest. He views Earth as a primitive planet compare to his planets advanced technology.

Powers and Abilities

Most of Pikari's abilities are used from his rocket suit, the suit's control system lies within his belt and if it gets damaged, the suit will malfunction. The suits functions are:

  • Rocket Jet Pack: The most notable feature is the Rocket Jet Pack which lets the user fly at incredible but uncontrollable speed.
  • Rocket Beam: By crossing his arms in a plus sign, the user shoots a beam from the center that can knock out anyone who is hit by it without lethal damage.
  • Rocket Slash: The user can form a buzzsaw-like energy disc from his hand to toss it at his opponents which traps them in mid-air.
  • Space Survivability: The suit alows the user to survive and travel in the vacuum of space.
  • Invulnerability: The suit can also withstand heavy damage like multiple gun shots.


  • His rocket suit has a similer appearance to that of Ultraman's, it also has similer but less lethal abilities.
    • His Rocket Beam ability is similer to Ultraman's signeture technique, Specium Ray
    • His Rocket Slash ability is similer to Ultraman's Ultra-slash technique, which cuts right through his opponents instead.
  • His homeworld Kirara is known as the "State of Light", which is similer to Ultraman's homeworld called the "Land of Light".
  • Oddly, Rito seems to get a cold right before Pikari shows up.
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