Planet Memorze

Planet Memorze.

Sainan MTLR EP8 01

Sainan Town.

Deviluke Palace TLRD EP7 01

The Royal Palace of Deviluke.

This is a list of the planets and locations mentioned in To LOVE-Ru.


  • Earth - Where Sainan Town and Sainan High are located.
  • Deviluke - See article.
  • Balke - The planet where Ghi Bree is from.
  • Gaama - The planet where Lacospo is from.
  • Kild - A planet that was sliced in half by Golden Darkness when the Darkness transformation accidentally activated. It is described as the garbage dump of the universe.
  • Memorze - See article.
  • Mistletoe - See article.
  • Okiwana - See article.
  • Plantas - The planet where Celine is from. Judging by the name, it is likely home to many plants.
  • Unnamed home planet of Tearju and Mikado - The unnamed home planet of Tearju Lunatique and Ryoko Mikado appears to be more advanced compared to Earth. It has a futuristic appearance, and spaceships can be seen in the sky.
  • Cedar (anime only) - Sugitani's home planet
  • Gourmand - appears to be food themed
  • Juda
  • Kara - Gid Lucione Deviluke fought Nemesis in a cyberspace that was based on Kara's data
  • Kirara (anime only) - Pikari's home planet
  • Latte
  • Melon
  • Nito
  • Rubbish
  • Shishinabe - Gii-Chan, one of Nana's animals comes from Shishinabe
  • Sold
  • Solgam - the home planet of Solgam, an organization that was destroyed by Kuro
  • Tentac - Meda-Q's home planet
  • Zelas
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