Princess vs. Assassin (プリンセスvs.暗殺者 PURINSESU BĀSASU ansatsusha) is the thirty-seventh chapter of To Love-Ru.


Yami questions why a princess raised in shelter her whole life would want to fight her, and then tells Lala she won't go easy on her. Lala insists that she comes and gives it her all. Rito then tells Lala not to be reckless and that they should just run, but Lala assures him that it is okay, Golden Darkness then attacks. Just then, Mikado is walking by, and notices the fight. Questioning why Golden Darkness is on Earth, she realizes that it would be best if she were to stay out of it. As Lala is protecting Rito, she is impressed by Golden Darkness' ability to transform her body at will. Rito is then thrown into a woman's bathhouse in Lala's battle with Golden Darkness, and the girls attack him. Now Lala goes on the offensive summoning her "Sticky-Gooey Launcher-Kun." Lala then tries to hit Golden Darkness with it, instead missing and hitting Rito in the face. She then resorts to her "Grabby-Grubby Hand-Kun." Golden Darkness then dodges the attacks. In the process, Golden Darkness lands on a roof of a building, with the principal underneath, nearly seeing her panties. Golden Darkness is appalled by the pervert and turns her hair into fists, beating him up. Golden Darkness then states that she "Doesn't like ecchi people." Lala then catches Golden Darkness off guard and tries to use her "Spinny-Spunny Rope-Kun". It wraps Golden Darkness up, and Lala rejoices, but Golden Darkness breaks out of it. Golden Darkness then asks that Lala stop playing with toys and fight. Lala explains that she is not playing, and that she just wants to protect Rito. Golden Darkness wonders why, because, as her client told her, Rito is an atrocious fiend who threatens Lala and plans on taking over Deviluke. Lala then explains that that's not who Rito is, and Golden Darkness realizes that maybe he's not, but she still must assassinate him, because that is her duty. Golden Darkness then explains to Lala that someone raised in a palace could not understand the difficulty of living by them self. Lala then agrees, and explains that that is one of the reasons she ran away, and she still has a a lot to learn. Just then, Lacospo comes down from his ship, telling Golden Darkness that Rito is her opponent, not Lala.