The Principal

Principal TLRD Manga


Kanji 校長先生
Rōmaji Kōchō sensei
Planet Earth
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Overweight (exact weight unknown)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Unknown due to always wearing sunglasses
Personal Status
Education Unknown
Occupation - Sainan High School Principal
- Sexual Harasser
- Stalker
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single
Unusual Features - Extremely perverted
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 5
Anime Debut Episode 2
Voice Actor
Japanese Kenichi Ogata
English John Swasey

The unnamed principal of Rito and Lala's school, Sainan High. He is very perverted and is not afraid to show his feelings to girls he finds attractive.


The principal is a very overweight, round, man with a bald head and mustache. He is never seen without sunglasses on. He wears a purple suit with four gold buttons, black dress shoes, a white undershirt, and a pink bow tie, or just his boxers when he is chasing girls.

When affected by Run's Skunk of Youth (Madori), he doesn't seem to appear that different aside from having less weight and bigger hair.


Darkness OVA ep04 10min 40sec

Principal attacks!

The principal is basically just a pervert, with very little else to add to his description. His hormones get the better of him each time he sees a cute girl. While he is possibly a decent man when he doesn't have girls on his mind, not one of the few short instances of behaving in a civil manner towards a female did not shortly precede another perverted outburst. Interestingly on one occasion, he didn't seem to mind chasing Ren (though still had to decide) who at the time still shared the same body with his female counterpart, Run. This may possibly be due to him somewhat looking like a female when wearing Run's clothes.

When he sees a girl he likes, he usually rips off all his clothes, proclaiming his feelings for them, and dashes towards them with open arms. This usually results in him getting beat up by the female, which he seems to enjoy as he is masochistic. In the anime, he also enjoyed being tied up by Ghi Bree.


The principal is usually shown just for comedy and has never really had any significant role in the series besides causing perverted mishaps involving girls, and forcing Rito to defend them. However, he is responsible for allowing all of the alien characters (LalaRun, Ren, Momo, Nana, Yami, Ryoko Mikado, and Tearju) to attend his school without incident or question regarding their origins, simply because he wants attractive girls around in his school. One of his prime targets appears to be Yami, who happens to be one of the strongest females in the series who doesn't tolerate perverts. Despite being constantly beat up by her, he has not stopped harassing her; it is possible he finds her attacks sexually arousing.

It is unknown what his main duties are as principal, as he is just shown doing perverted things. However, he organizes fun events for the students, but mostly just so he can see girls. As seen in quite a few chapters, he has warning posters of himself throughout the school because of his constant sexual harassment.

His mindset of becoming a pervert is somewhat changed when he met Lala's mother stating that he must turn his passion to the world to dispel sadness from it.


Character What they call him What he calls them
Yūki Rito Kouchou Yuuki-kun
Yami Kouchou Yami-chan
Kirisaki Kyōko Kouchou Kyouko-chan, Kyouko-kun (when he isn't being perverted)


  • In the first season of the anime, he appears to be somewhat scared of Kotegawa Yui, as shown in Episode 8. This is also shown in the manga whenever the morals committee tell him off for something.


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