Reclaim The Body (身体を取り戻せ Karada o torimodose) is the sixty-fifth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Oshizu explains to Lala, Risa, and Mio why she is in Haruna's body. They all agree that it would be a good idea to go see Mikado about this mess. Mikado then tells them that there's not too much that medicine can do for a ghost, but explains that ghosts give off a different wavelength then humans. Suddenly, Oshizu runs away, and they all go looking for her. On the street, Oshizu is startled by a truck, and wonders what a TV is. As it turns out, Mikado told them that there could be a possibility that Haruna's consciousness could disappear. Lala quickly builds an invention to find Haruna, and flies off. Suddenly, Oshizu comes walking up to Rito, apologizing for running off. Rito then explains the situation to Oshizu. Oshizu tries to awake Haruna by telling Rito to kiss her. But right as she's about to kiss him, a dog barks, scaring Oshizu out of Haruna. Haruna awakes, holding Rito's head. Haruna tells Rito she's sorry. Later on, Oshizu apologizes to everyone. Oshizu explains that she has been afraid of dogs ever since she was alive. Risa gropes Haruna to make sure it is her. Meanwhile, Lala's invention has brought her to a couple of other ghosts.