Ren Elsie Jewelria
Ren Jewelria
Kanji レン・エルシ・ジュエリア
Rōmaji Ren Erushi Jueria
Planet Memorze
Age 15 (First year)
16 (Second year)
Birthday February 28
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Height 168cm (5'6")
Weight 65kg
Blood Type A
Hair Color Light blue at the top (manga)
White at the top (anime)
Black at the bottom
Eye Color Hot Pink
Personal Status
Education Currently attending high school
Occupation Royal of planet Memorze
High school student
Relatives Run Elsie Jewelria (female counterpart/twin)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 20
Anime Debut Episode 7
Voice Actor
Japanese Fuyuka Oura
English Greg Ayres

Ren Elsie Jewelria is a childhood friend of Lala and the boy version of Run Elsie Jewelria. As Ren and Run are royalty from planet Memorze, they can change gender in mind and body upon triggering a specific stimulus; in their case, a sneeze. Ren likes Lala, while Run likes Rito. Ren hates Rito because Lala likes him, while Run hates Lala because Rito likes her.

In Chapter 9 and episode 6 of To Love-Ru Darkness, Run and Ren permanently separated into two separate beings after reaching 'adulthood'.


Ren has hot pink eyes and the top of his hair is white with two points sticking out, while the bottom back part is black, during his first appearance many girls took a liking to his looks.

However in the To Love Ru Darkness manga the top of Ren's hair is shown to be light blue and dark blue on the bottom back.


Ren's personality can be described as determined, but stubborn (especially where Lala is concerned). In the first series of To-Love-Ru, he constantly tries to prove that he is a real man to Lala, who passively promised to marry him if he became more manly (although she doesn't recall it) by competing against Rito to pointless challenges. Ren would overly complement on Lala's beauty and her kindness towards others.

In To-Love-Ru Darkness, Ren's appearances become less frequent, but he seems to have become more calm and mature. He doesn't seem to try to impress Lala or try to compete against Rito anymore, so it's possible that he has accepted him as Lala's lover, although Ren still shows his love for her.


As a child, Ren sometimes would be taken to Deviluke to play with Lala. Despite all the trouble she put him through with all her experiments and mischief, he apparently falls in love with her and cherishes all of those memories with her. However, his female counterpart remained angry at Lala for all of the abusive fun Lala had with them. Ren one time asked Lala if they would get married if he becomes a real man, which she agreed to but doesn't remember it.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Ren is shown (comically) to have great strength, most notably in episode 12 of the original anime series, he is seen carrying a really huge weapon.
  • Speed: Ren is also shown (comically) to have great speed, like in episode 12, he outran everyone by multiple laps. However Ren is unable to control his speed while carrying something incredibly heavy.

Former Powers and Abilities 

  • Alternate personalities: Both Memorzian genders have their own separate personalities. Ren is capable of communicating with Run within his subconscious (this also works for Run). The inactive personality can also feel whatever the active personality physically feels, like when Ren kissed Rito, Run had also felt it. This is no longer the case after they have reached adulthood and now each possess their own separate bodies.
  • Gender Swapping: It is said that due to evolution, those from Memorze like Ren are born with both male and female genders. Normally, Memorzorians would change monthly, but due to the differences in environment and magnetic fields on Earth, Ren and Run change after a sneeze, and both have different opinions about certain things. After reaching adulthood, they both physically separate, and Ren no longer shares a body with Run, so this ability is no longer usable.



  • His hair style is similar to Chaud from the video game series MegaMan Battle Network.
  • Ren is physically similar to Hatsuharu Sohma in Fruits Basket. 
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