Resolution (決意 Ketsui) is the forty-eighth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Everyone is still shocked that the boy is Lala's father, including Rito, who refuses to believe it. Zastin then tells Rito that he is, and bows for Gid. Gid then reveals he has a tail (Though it is a trident shape, rather then a spade like Lala, or point like Zastin). Gid tells Lala that he has come because he has approved of Lala's marriage to Rito. Gid then tells Rito that Zastin has been sending him good reports about Rito, and despite the fact that he is an Earthling, he will respect Lala's wishes. Gid then claims to be a great father, and tells Rito he expects a lot from him. Rito then tells him that he can't marry Lala. He says that he likes Lala (but he tries to tell him he likes Haruna too, but cannot). Gid then demonstrates a bit of his power, causing an earthquake, then reiterating to Rito that if he doesn't meet his expectations and refuses, he will destroy the Earth. Right then, Lala is appalled to hear that her dad would destroy the Earth. Rito then wonders what he should do. Lala then intervenes, telling her father that she won't marry Rito. Lala then tells him that he is not really respecting her wishes, and instead, just wants to step down so he can fool around. Lala then tells him that they can't have unilateral marriage, because they would be ignoring Rito's feelings. Lala then realizes that even though she tells Rito how much she likes him constantly, his feelings aren't towards her. Lala then realizes that she can't go on like this. Lala then explains that she has resolved to use one of her new inventions "Bye-Bye Memory-Kun." It will wipe all of their memories. This shocks all of them, especially Rito. Lala then explains that she wants to start all over, without Rito knowing about her being a princess, or him being her fiance. Lala then wants to get Rito to love her without knowing all of this. Lala then says thanks to Haruna and everyone for being her friend, and asks Rito to give her this one last selfish request. She then presses the button, even though Rito reaches to stop her. The next morning, Lala stands in front of the school, waiting for Rito and Haruna. Peke asks her if it was the right thing to do. Lala explains that she doesn't know, but her father wouldn't have listened to her if she didn't. Rito and Haruna then start to walk towards Lala. Lala then goes up to introduce herself to them, telling them that she just transferred to the school. Rito and Haruna look blankly at Lala, which makes her nervous. Then, both of them say "Welcome Back," to Lala. Risa and Mio come running up, telling Lala that nobody forgot anything. Rito then teases Lala, asking if her invention was suppose to do something, and laughing. Lala then laughs and cries a tear of joy, realizing that her invention failed once again. Zastin is the only one that forgot everything, and asks a police officer who he is.