Rito's Long Day (リトのある長い一日 Rito no aru nagai ichinichi) is the twenty-seventh chapter of To Love-Ru.


Rito asks Mikan where Lala is when she is not home one morning. Mikan tells him that she had some important errands and that she'd be skipping school. On his way to school, Rito enjoys the thought of having a peaceful day without Lala's madness. In front of the school, he runs into Haruna, who wonders where Lala is. Rito tells her that Lala is skipping school and that she is fine. Rito is amazed that he is having a conversation with Haruna, and asks her what is in a bag she is holding. But right as she is about to tell him, Ren comes running in asking Rito where Lala is, accidentally pushing him into Haruna. Rito accidentally fondles Haruna, and she runs off screaming. Obviously agitated, Rito sucker punches Ren. Rito then runs up to Haruna and apologizes. However it is way to loud and awkwardly phrased. When people overhear it, Haruna is again embarrassed and runs off again. Rito tries to apologize in class, but makes the same mistake, this time overheard by Risa and Mio. Rito once again chases after Haruna, but she interrupts his apology and tells him she wants to talk after school. Rito is depressed and nervous, obviously assuming the worst about what Haruna wants to see him about. After school, Rito once again apologizes, but this time Haruna tells him not to worry about it, and gives him what was in her bag. It's a watering can that she had found at the grocery store, and bought for him. Rito is ecstatic on his way home, but also wonders why Haruna suddenly gave him a present. At home, Lala, Mikan, Rito's dad, and Zastin surprise him. As it turns out, it was Rito's birthday, which he somehow managed to forget. Rito realizes that Haruna probably knew about it as well. Rito then thanks them all, and Lala tells him that she has a surprise for him out back. Rito is touched that she went all the way to space to get a present just for him. While Rito is walking back outside, his foot is suddenly grabbed by a root. Lala's present is a huge flower with a mouth. Rito's father thinks it's a great present. Mikan teases Rito about taking care of it. However, a few days later, he does manage to make friends with it, and is taking care of it.