Run Elsie Jewelria

Run Elsie Jewelria TLRD Manga


Kanji ルン・エルシ・ジュエリア
Rōmaji Run Erushi Jueria
Planet Memorze
Age 15 (First year)
16 (Second year)
Birthday February 28
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Height 158cm (5'2")
Weight 49kg
Blood Type A
Hair Color Light Green
Eye Color Maroon
Personal Status
School Sainan High
Class 1-A (chapters 1-48)
2-A (chapters 49-present)
Education Currently attending high school
Occupation Royal of Planet Memorze
Relatives Ren Elsie Jewelria (Male Counterpart / twin)
Marital Status Single
Unusual Features Split personality and gender change (Formerly)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 42
Anime Debut Episode 7
Voice Actor
Japanese Fuyuka Oura
English Christina Kelly

Run Elsie Jewelria is a childhood friend of Lala and the girl version of Ren Elsie Jewelria. As Run and Ren are royalty from planet Memorze, they can change gender in mind and body upon triggering a specific stimulus; in their case, a sneeze. Ren hates Rito, especially after he accidentally kissed him, but Run fell in love with Rito because of that kiss, which caused Ren to further dislike Rito.

Run becomes a famous idol and actress and releases several albums. She becomes friends with Kyouko after Run played an antagonist in her show, and now they are often seen together, even releasing a few albums together.

In To-Love-Ru Darkness Chapter 9 or To Love-Ru Darkness Episode 6, Run and Ren permanently separated into two separate beings after reaching 'adulthood'.


Run has hot pink eyes and has long light green hair with two points sticking out at the top. Her body appears slender and curvy.

Her 3 sizes are B83-W55-H83. She is always wearing clothing typical of Idols in Japan, especially her Blue Metalia outfit that she wears when starring at the Magical Kyouko show.


Her personality can be described as determined and obsessive (especially where Rito is concerned). On some occasions, when it comes to Rito who she loves so much, she can be quite cheery and sweet, and would often cling on to him. Run can also be a bit of a stalker to him, but entirely out of devoted care instead of anything truly selfish or immoral. She can get a little mad when it comes to Lala and her relationship with Rito, but has since come (somewhat) to terms with the fact that she still has time to win him over. Run can be a bit melodramatic and can misinterpret things easily, more so in the anime, a good example of this in Episode 16 of the original series.

In the first series, her personality was really childish, and she would always try to pull pranks on Lala (which ultimately fail) to get back at her for all of the mischief she suffered from her. But in To-Love-Ru Darkness, she has greatly matured, as she no longer pulls any pranks on Lala and focuses on her work as an idol. She tries harder to gain Rito's love, especially now since she is now a full woman and is no longer with Ren.

In the OVAs, she doesn't mind showing others her body, however, she will always end up sneezing causing Ren to be in an erotic situation.


Sometimes Run would be taken to Deviluke to play with Lala. Apparently she really hated being part of Lala's experiments and being forced to go through so much trouble (even while Ren was in control). Even though Run hated Lala, her male counterpart Ren falls in love with her.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Run has been shown to be strong enough to carry a huge hammer.
  • Speed: Run is also shown to have great speed, however she cannot control her speed while holding something heavy like a huge hammer, when attempting to hit Lala but instead hits Rito.

Former Powers and Abilities

  • Alternate Personalities: Both Memorzian genders each have their own separate personalities. Run is also capable of communicating with Ren within his subconscious (this also works for Ren). The inactive personality can also feel whatever the active personality physically feels, like when Ren accidentally kissed Rito, Run had also felt it. This is no longer the case after reaching adulthood. It is unknown, and unlikely, if they are still capable of communicating with each other telepathically.
  • Gender Swapping: It is said that due to evolution, those from Memorze like Run are born with both male and female genders. Normally Memorzorians would change monthly, but due to the differences in environment and magnetic fields on Earth, Run and Ren would change from a sneeze and both have different opinions about certain things. After reaching adulthood, they both physically separate, and Ren no longer shares a body with Run, so this ability is not usable anymore.


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Run's Cameo Appearance

  • Her first cameo appearance in Mayoi Neko Overrun is at chapter 2 page 24 (at the poster).
  • Run also appeared on a television show (Magical Kyouko) in Mayoi Neko Overrun Chapter 6.
  • Run's story and role is very similar to Ran from Urusei Yatsura who is a childhood friend of Lum, later turns into a rival and tries to steal her boyfriend.
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