Shocking Birthday(ドッキリ♡バースデイ Dokkiri BĀSUDEI) is the forty-sixth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Rito, Lala, Risa, Mio, and Saruyama all go over to Haruna's house for her birthday. Rito then remembers his last time here was when he was a dog, and gets very flustered. Maron licks Lala, which reminds him of the dogs skinship with Haruna. They all wish Haruna a Happy Birthday, and then Saruyama brings out the game "Color Twist," (Also known as Twister). Mio explains to Lala what the game is. Saruyama plans to go with Lala, but Lala asks Rito and Haruna to play with her. Rito, Lala, and Haruna all have never played this game before. The game starts, and soon Rito is in a touch position where he can see right up Lala's skirt, which makes Rito nervous, much to the amusement of Risa and Mio. Next move, Rito's head goes right into Haruna's thigh. Five minutes later, Rito is in a tight spot, stuck tangled between Lala and Haruna. Rito's leg is going into Haruna's chest. Risa and Mio taunt Rito by making him say please to spin the roulette. On the next move, Rito stretches his hand out, bumping Haruna even more. Suddenly he grabs Lala's tail, which causes her to become very weak because it is so sensitive. They all fall down and Lala calls Rito a jerk, explaining to him how her tail is so sensitive. Suddenly, Rito and Lala both accidentally reveal that Lala is an alien. Rito is horrified, wondering how all the others will react. Everyone understands easily, and Haruna thinks it is cool to have an alien friend, which confuses Rito a lot.