Trouble 9
Shopping Panic
TLR CH9 Cover
Japanese Okaimono PANIKKU
Rōmaji お買い物パニック
Volume 2
Release Date 2006
Key Character(s) Yūki Rito
Yūki Mikan
Sairenji Haruna
Lala Satalin Deviluke
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Chapter 8
True Form
Chapter 10
A Confession Once Again

Trouble 9: Shopping Panic is the ninth chapter of To LOVE-Ru manga series.


One Sunday, Rito and Mikan took Lala out, and showed her around town. However, Since Peke was in Dress Mode, Lala's costume immediately drew attention to her.

Noticing the attention Lala was causing, Rito and Mikan pulled her aside into an alley, and told her that since she wanted to go sightseeing, she should dress normally to avoid causing trouble.  Lala then had Peke mimic the clothes of one of the random people walking around. At first she chose a businessman's outfit. However, Rito scolded her that it's for male only. She then picked a policewoman's outfit (which Rito rejected), then a PlayBoy outfit (which Rito questioned where she saw it from), then a stuffed animal mascot, then a cave woman in loincloth, and even a martial artist's gi. Frustrated, Rito scolded her to quit fooling around, and if she won't then they'll go home. So, Lala finally chose a normal dress, which Mikan and Rito thought was cute, the latter even having his heart thump. Lala then takes Rito's arm and dragged him. Mikan then teases Rito about his situation with Lala, saying that it probably would have been better if she did not tag along. This makes Rito blush, saying (in his mind) that if it were only Lala and him then it really would be a date.

The trio walked around, looking at stores, and getting taiyaki before coming to a claw-machine game. Lala saw a stuffed rabbit that she liked. However, Mikan says that it's big, and would be hard to get. However, Rito uses his skills, and won it for her, which Mikan comments that Rito is skillful in useless things. Lala is happy and very grateful, telling Rito she is going to make the doll her treasure. At first, Rito is shocked and surprised that he was accidentally enjoying himself, but realized that it's alright when he saw how happy Lala was.

Later, Rito noticed something from Mikan, and asked what it was. She said that she got it for free when she bought clothes earlier, and that they were discount tickets for four to the newly built aquarium. Lala wondered what an aquarium was, and Rito explained that it is a place with plenty of fish and sea creatures. Lala then became excited, and Mikan offered to go there. However, Rito noticed that her clothes were starting to disintegrate.Peke explained that she is running out of power because the wardrobe changes earlier drained more energy from Peke than she expected. She explained that if she runs out of power, then she cannot maintain the shape of the costume, and Lala will become naked. Lala laughed it off, to which Rito said that she should panic more. Rito grabbed Lala and started to run. Lala asked where they were going, and Rito answered that they needed a place to hide. The boys passing by turned their attention to Lala, whose clothes are slowly disappearing, and starting to show flesh. Rito tried to think of a place to hide, first being the bathroom, but the train station was too far. Mikan suggested that they go into one of the stores there.  

Rito then picked a random store. However, he accidentally went into a lingerie store. Rito suggested that they go somewhere else, but Mikan stopped him, and said that that store was fine already. Mikan then handed Lala a handful of underwears, and told her to go into the changing room. Mikan then rushed out to find Lala more clothes, which made Rito thankful of Mikan's presence since he wouldn't know what to do if Mikan weren't there. Suddenly, Rito saw Haruna picking underwear, which shocked Rito to see Haruna there. What shocked Rito even more was when Lala suddenly came out of the changing room, dressed in only underwear. She then asked Rito if it looked good on her. Then, Lala noticed Haruna and greeted her, to which Rito called the meeting the worst case scenario.


  • The martial artist's gi that Lala tried out resembles Goku's gi from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Whether this was intentional or coincidental is uknown. However, the series has shown other references to Dragon Ball as well. 
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