Small Adventure (スモールアドベンチャー Sumōro Adobencā) is the twenty-ninth chapter of To Love-Ru.


In gym, Lala tells Rito to hold on tight so he doesn't fall. Rito is almost crushed when Risa grabs Lala's chest, but Lala makes her stop. Rito then causes Lala to mess up when he grabs on to a "weird place." Lala then jumps way too high, and when she lands, she notices Rito is missing. Rito then lands far away in an olive bush. When he gets out, he is chased by a dog into the school hallway. While walking in the hallway, Rito notices that he can see up all of the girls' skirts, and is almost crushed by people walking in the hall. Lala searches for Rito, and Peke convinces her to create a machine to track where he is. While climbing up the stairs, trying to find Lala, Rito notices Saki who is recalling some recent events. Saki trips and falls down the stairs, land on Rito, who is trapped underneath her panties. Lala then realizes that she does not have the parts necessary to make the machine, but as she is talking to Peke, she has an epiphany. Rito is walking down the hallway, and suddenly starts to feel strange. Rito then regains his size, when Haruna is walking down the hallway. Rito then pops us right underneath Haruna. Naturally, Haruna slaps Rito, and back at home, Rito is very depressed while watering his flower from the previous chapter.