Sneaking Around In The Old School Building (潜入!旧校舎 Sen'nyū! Kyūkōsha) is the fifty-fifth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Saki, Rin, and Aya are in the old school building, investigating a rumor. Suddenly, a glowing pair of eyes are watching them, and they drop their flashlight, while screaming. Meanwhile, Rito sits in class, overhearing Lala, Haruna, Risa, and Mio talking about a rumor of ghosts in the old school building. Rito tries to dispel it, but Risa and Mio claim that multiple people have said that they hear a strange voice telling people to leave. Lala then suggests that they should go to the building. Haruna tries to stay, but Risa convinces her. Rito doesn't want to go, but decides to protect Haruna, who has a fear of the supernatural, especially ghosts. They all decided to go at their lunch break. Yui overhears them, and finds herself obligated to go. The group walks around the building with Lala asking the ghosts if they are there. A rat then runs by and frightens Haruna. Lala asks if she is OK, and Risa and Mio claim that the ghosts are just a rumor. However, they all hear a strange noise, and all of them get somewhat frightened. They hear someone approaching a door, and Rito thinks that he has to man up and see who it is. Rito opens up the door, and jumps on the person. As it turns out, it is just Yami. Rito accidentally grabs Yami's chest, and she reiterates to him her hate for ecchi people by punching him in the face. Lala then asks Yami why she is there. Yami tells Lala that she goes there to read some of the old books in the library. Lala then introduces Yami to everyone else. Yami then senses that something's near. It turns out to be Yui. Lala is disappointed that it's not a ghost. Yui then yells at Haruna for allowing them to do this as the class representative. All of them hear a voice telling them to leave, and suddenly the floor collapses.