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Stella to love ru 19477.jpg
Kanji ステラ
Rōmaji Sutera
Planet Unknown
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Education Unknown
Occupation Manager
Marital Status Unknown
Unusual Features - Yellow skin
- Pointy ears
First Appearance
Anime Debut Episode 10
Voice Actor
Japanese Unknown
English Marcy Bannor

Stella is an alien and also Lala's manager who came to Earth to do a CD release, She is also the President of her fanclub, social circle and support group. She is a minor character appearing only in the anime episode 10.


Stella has purple hair and black eyes with a white cross in the center, she is really short, yellowed skin, huge lips and pointy ears. Stella dresses in a fashionable style, wearing a suit, a pearl necklace and even uses make-up.

Whenever Stella gets mad or aggresive towards someone, she has a yellow aura around her, eyes become red and her hair becomes blond and rises up similer to horns.


Stella has great admoration for Lala and would get mad at any one who would get close to her without her permission, especialy towards Rito when she found out that he was engaged to her. Stella can also be quite picky and bossy, like calling Rito's home dirty or having (or rather forcing) him get her a new idol, most of which she didn't think was good enough and mostly has an odd taste in how her idol should look like (through an aliens perspective).


Prior to series, Stella would try and beat up any obsesive fan from getting near Lala, although before that she was also an obsesive fan of hers who manages to get past her bodyguards, which is the reason why she was made President of her fanclub.

Power and Abilities

Hair Manipulation: Stella can control her hair like tentacles and extend it's reach.

Petrification: When in a state of shock, Stella instantaneously turns into stone and will not turn back for a while.

Hyperosmia: Stella has an odd sence of smell, being able to smell her "golden egg" (perfect idol).

Invisibility: Stella is to be able to turn invisible.


  • According to Stella, there are about 547.2 billion members in Lala's fanclub
  • The way Stella disappears, is similer to how the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland disappears
  • Stella is also the manager of several idols, three of which are also based on characters from Alice in Wonderland.
  • When Stella gets angry, her appearance resembles the Super Sayian form from the Dragon Ball anime/manga series.