Swim! Dolphin-Kun (泳げ!イルカくん Oyoge! Iruka-kun) is the sixty-sixth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Lala is showing everyone her lab on a hot summer's day. Everyone is in awe of Lala's lab. As it turns out, while Saruyama was inviting Haruna to go to the beach, Yui and Ren overheard and decided to come along to. Risa and Mio couldn't make it either, Lala then tells everyone that they will be using "Pyon-Pyon Warp-Kun Deluxe" to teleport to the beach. Rito is hesitant at first to use the warp device, but Lala assures him that it will work. Surely enough it does. When they're at the beach, Rito and Saruyama watch Lala and Haruna play in the water. Yui is very hesitant to get in the water, as she cannot swim. When Rito asks her about this, she gets very self-conscious, and yells at Rito. Lala then summons her "Swim-Swim-Dolphin-Kun," to help out Yui. However, the dolphin has a mind of its own and hits Rito as it gets going. When the dolphin starts going too fast, it throws Rito into yet another embarrassing situation with Yui. Ren is standing in the way of the dolphin, and sneezes, turning into Run and ending up on the dolphin topless. Run tries to wake up an embarrassed Rito, while Yui yells at Lala for giving her the dolphin. When they all decide to go back, it turns out the warp device got left behind, as everyone is shocked.