Tearju Lunatique

Tearju Lunatique TLRD Manga

Tearju Dp

Kanji ティアーユ=ルナティーク
Rōmaji Tiāyu Runatīku
Planet Unknown
Age Unknown (likely the same as Ryoko Mikado)
Birthday Febuary 24th
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Gender Female
Height 167 cm (5'6")
Weight 58 kg
Blood Type Unknown
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Personal Status
School Unknown
Education - Educated from unknown school from another planet.
- Genius in Biotechnology
Occupation - Sainan High School Teacher
- Scientist and Biotechnician (formerly)
Relatives Yami (Golden Darkness) (clone/creation/daughter figure)
Mea Kurosaki (creation/daughter figure)
Unusual Features - Unlucky
- Clumsy
First Appearance
Manga Debut Darkness Chapter 13 in flashback
Darkness Chapter 14 in person
Anime Debut Darkness Episode 9 in flashback
Darkness Episode 10 in person
Voice Actor
Japanese Misato Fukuen

Tearju Lunatique (ティアーユ=ルナティーク Tiāyu Runatīku?) is Yami (Golden Darkness) and Mea Kurosaki's creator, as she used her own cells in order to create Yami but didn't do the same for Mea. She is a genius in Universe Biotechnology and has been since she was a teenager. She takes the role of a klutzy and beautiful homeroom teacher at Rito's school in the later chapters of Darkness. She is aware of Yami at school and tries to get close to her like before she left her; she is also aware of her feelings for Rito.


Tearju has long blond hair and green eyes, she also wears glasses. Most characters noticed that she resembles Yami a lot (being her genetic origin). She often wears black clothing such as a suit and a skirt. Underneath that suit is a white under shirt with a high collar with a green brooch. Similar to her friend, she also tends to wear skimpy, lacy panties and bras, usually either purple or black, that are usually shown anytime she winds up in a perverted situation. Out of all the alien characters, she appears to be more human than all the others.

Her 3-sizes are B96-W56-H90, which makes her the bustiest female in series.


Tearju's personality can be described to be much like Rito. She is very kind to those around her. But she can also be shy and clumsy, both physically and socially, and can sometimes end up in awkward moments. But despite this she is considered to be very smart and knowledgeable.

Tearju cares deeply for Yami like a daughter/little sister and wants to be close to her like before, but doesn't quite know how to approach her after being separated from her for so long and having her personality change so drastically. She also considers Mea her little sister and would also want to be close to her, but Mea greatly denies and rejects it, as was apparently brought up to do so.


Tearju Mikado TLRD EP10 01

An old photo of the young Tearju and Mikado.

Sometime in her youth, Tearju studied Biotechnology. She was also friends with Ryoko Mikado in school and went their separate ways at some point. Years later, she was part of Eden, an organization that would create Eve (later named Yami). Tearju raised her like a little sister, but the organization had plans to use Eve as weapon, and chased Tearju away. In the aftermath, Tearju had escaped and went into hiding, but is aware of the fall of the organization and that Eve became known as the assassin Golden Darkness.

During the events of To-Love-Ru Darkness, Tearju was found by Mikado, who informed her of Yami's current position. Tearju was brought to Earth and is currently a teacher at Sainan High hoping to establish a better relationship with Yami and perhaps help Mea embrace humanity as well.


She is based on a character with the same name and appearance from Kentaro Yabuki's previous manga Black Cat. In that series, Tearju was also a scientist who created Eve (whom Golden Darkness was based on).

Her last name, 'Lunatique', is the French word for 'moody', in relation to her previous life as a 'mad scientist'. It is also a play on words of the word 'lunatic'. 


  • Despite not appearing until To-Love-Ru Darkness, she is referenced in the original series:
    • The artificial intelligence of Yami's ship is called Lunatique.
    • She was also mentioned (as "Doctor Tearju") by Kuro during his and Yami's confrontation in chapter 149.
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