Tenjōin Ryūga
Ryuuga Tenjouin TLR Manga
Kanji 天条院 劉我
Rōmaji Tenjōin Ryūga
Planet Earth
Age Unknown
Hair Color Ash Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Relatives Tenjōin Saki (daughter)
Marital Status Single
Unusual Features - Stereotypical millionaire laugh
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 131
Image Gallery

Tenjōin Ryūga is the head of Tenjōin Group and the father of Tenjōin Saki who only appears in the manga.


According to Saki, he is a stubborn person who determine a decision and doesn't change it until coming into the world. He suddenly laughs as dissecting conversation as Saki does in the same way. He seems to love a lot and to be proud of Saki. When he wanted Saki transfer to foreign school and she appears, he seems to be happy when he sees her matured appearance. But his plan is not informed to Saki. He is married or has been merried possibly. He had remembered Saki's childhood when talking.


He looks a little taller than Saki and looks handsome as his daughter Saki looks. He has a hair that is less short or shorter than Saki. And the color of hair seems of the same color of Saki. He always wears a suit, because he is a businessman and also wears spectacles.


He debuted in the chapter 131 of To Love Ru, and plans Saki transfer to foreign school for abroad study without her consciousness. But Saki behaves resistant to father and runs away home although she usually complies with him. He brings her back to home as she shows reluctance to his plan. In chapter 132, he appears to talk to Kai, and tells that he had a conversation with Saki. She came out him that she won't separate Rin and Aya who are important for her, and Saki had never revealed it before. His plan for Saki's abroad study is cancelled. Saki had matured, and began to laugh and said that she was logical since being his daughter. In the final, he said Kai that he didn't like the rancour that his daughter had towards him.

In Darkness, he obtains a magical sword "Bladix" which is auctioned off and sends it to Tenjouin's manor.


  • Tenjōin means "heaven, sky" (天) (ten), "article" (条) () and "hospital" (院) (in).
  • Ryūga means "ax, butcher, assassinate" (劉) (ryū) and "I, me" (我) (ga).


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