The Approaching Fear (迫り来る恐怖 Semari kuru kyōfu) is the fifty-sixth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Risa, Mio, and Yami wonder what they should do, because everyone else fell down when the floor collapsed. They then go down a flight of stairs to search for them. Meanwhile, Rito, Lala, Haruna, and Yui are at the bottom. Rito accidentally sees up Yui's skirt, which leads to her punching him. Haruna wants to get out as soon as possible, thinking that there really is a phantom. Yui on the other hand thinks it is just one of Lala's tricks. Yui explains that while she has come to accept that aliens exist, ghosts she will not believe. Yui then tries to get them to leave, but falls. She then thinks Rito tripped her, but he didn't. Haruna then screams and grabs onto Rito's arm, because she says she hears a piano playing. Rito and Yui sit debating over who should check for the phantom, but Lala does it without hesitation. Lala discovers that nobody is in the room. Meanwhile, Risa, Mio, and Yami are still searching for the rest, when Yami explains that she has a strange feeling. Suddenly, a bunch of books go flying towards them, but Yami transforms and cuts all of the books in half. Yami then tells whosever there to come out and show themselves. The presence then suddenly disappears. Risa and Mio, amazed by Yami's transformation-abilities, start to grab her. Over where the the rest of the group is, Yui tries to act calm, saying the noise was just their imaginations. Lala asks Yui if she was scared, and she denies it. Yui then sees what looks to be a ghost behind Lala. Yui thinks she is imagining, but suddenly, a skeleton and half-man/half-zombie start to walk towards them.