The Best Ladies' Man (最強のモテ男 Saikyō no mote otoko) is the fifty-second chapter of To Love-Ru.


Lala, Haruna, Risa, and Mio stand around talking, while a strange boy watches them. The boy then runs into Rito. Rito and the boy then recognize each other, the boy is Tachibana, an old soccer buddy of Rito. Lala then introduces herself to Tachibana. He is surprised that Rito knows all these beautiful girls, and even more surprised that Lala is staying in his house. Just then, Run jumps on Rito, telling him that the principal OK-ed her transfer to the school, because she was cute. Rito then trips down the stairs and is caught by Yami. Yami then cuts Tachibana's hair because he is thinking about her thighs. Tachibana is overwhelmed by the amount of girls Rito has become friends with. Yami then reminds Rito that he is her target, and that's why she is at the school, to be closer to him. Haruna, Risa, and Mio wonder if Yami is an alien too, and thinks she is pretty. Tachibana then calls Rito amazing. Mikan jokes that Rito should use Tachibana as an errand-boy. Lala asks Rito why he stopped playing soccer. Rito explains that he helped his dad out with his manga so much, and that he couldn't leave Mikan alone by herself with their mom out as well. Lala then blushes over how much Rito loves his family, which embarrasses Rito. The next day, Tachibana asks Rito a favor. Tachibana notes that Rito is a master of passion, and wants him to help him out. Tachibana wants Rito to ask a girl if she likes anyone. He tells Rito that he met the girl at the tennis club. Unfortunately for Rito, the girl is Haruna. Tachibana then offers Rito the best of luck.