The Dark Medical Clinic (闇の診療所 Yami no shinryōjo) is the forty-fifth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Yūki Saibai sends Rito to get a zoological reference book from the school's library. When he gets there, he hears Yami falling to the ground. Yami tries to attack Rito, but falls before she can reach him. Rito feels her head and discovers that she has a burning fever. Rito carries a passed-out Yami to Mikado's house, with Lala accompanying him. After entering Mikado's house (and seeing her in a rather lewd outfit), Mikado checks her out and the diagnosis is that Yami has a special cold that occurs only when Yami overuses her powers. Rito and Mikado strip Yami down (with much protest from Rito) and put her into a healing capsule. When Yami wakes up, Mikado tells her the diagnosis and advises her to be careful with using her powers. She also tells Yami that she should thank Rito for carrying her to safety. At the end, Rito accidentally sees Yami getting dressed and she uses her transformation powers on him.