The Darkness Lightens Up (闇晴れる? Yami hareru?) is the thirty-eighth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Lacospo beams to the ground, and Rito thinks that he looks too weak. Lacospo then insists that he and Lala get married, but Lala refuses, saying that he is the worst, and she would never worry someone so cruel. Lacospo then blames Rito for taking advantage of Lala, and demands to know what Golden Darkness is doing. Golden Darkness then tells Lacospo that his timing is perfect, because she wants to have a talk with him about the false information given to her about Rito. Lala then tells Golden Darkness (who she calls Yami) not to believe Lacospo. Yami then gets very angry, and Lacospo calls down Gama, a giant frog (an Irogaama). Peke explains that the frog is her natural enemy because it has the ability to spit out an acid that melts clothes. Yami is hit by the spray a little, and explains that she does not approve of that "Ecchi Animal." But its skin is too strong for any sort of attack. Yami then lands on Rito and attacks him, going back to trying to assassinate him. Then Lacospo has Gama spray on Yami, but Lala takes the hit for her. Lacospo is in awe, and tries to dissolve all of her clothes, but then Peke reforms, much to Lacospo's chagrin. Lala then manages to make it appear that she has duplicated, and uses Lacospo's confusion to attack him. Lala, insisting that Lacospo behaves himself, punches him and Gama with so much force, they are sent flying into the air. After Lacospo is gone, Yami asks why Lala protected her if they are enemies. Lala doesn't believe they are enemies and says that she would not have let a cute girl like Yami get hurt. Yami then blushes at the thought of Lala thinking she was cute. Rito then asks why Lala calls Golden Darkness, Yami. Lala says because her name is Golden Darkness (Dark is Yami in Romaji), and Rito says he doesn't think that's her name. Yami does not care what she refers to her as. Rito then asks Yami if since Lacospo is gone, could she stop targeting him and go back to space. Yami questioning going back to space, tells Rito that she needs to finish a job once she accepts it. Meanwhile, Zastin has been forgotten.