Trouble 1
The Girl Who Fell From the Sky
TLR CH1 Cover
Japanese 舞い降りた少女
Rōmaji Maiorita Shōjo
Volume 1
Release Date 2006
Key Character(s) Yūki Rito
Sairenji Haruna
Saruyama Kenichi
Yūki Mikan
Lala Satalin Deviluke
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Trouble 2
Great Escape of Love

Trouble 1: The Girl Who Fell From the Sky is the first chapter of the To LOVE-Ru manga series.

Summary Edit

The chapter begins with Yūki Rito, the main male protagonist, looking at Sairenji Haruna, Rito's crush, while she was walking along the hallway. However, Rito's best friend, Saruyama Kenichi , catches Rito's looking at Haruna, and teases him of stalking Haruna. In defense, Rito said that he was just looking for the right timing to confess his love to Haruna.  After school, Rito waited for Haruna by the school's main gate to confess to her. However, he was not brave enough to confess, and ended up hiding in one of the bushes.

When Rito got home, his sister,Yūki Mikan , told him that their father would be coming home late, but he was too depressed of his failure to confess, so he lacked reaction to Mikan's words. Instead, Rito went upstairs, and into his room where he called Kenichi and discussed the events in the afternoon. Kenichi told Rito that he expected the latter that he would fail in his confession, and Rito got mad at Kenichi for saying that the latter expected it. Kenichi tells Rito how it has been his pattern already. He says that Rito is usually aggressive, but when it comes to girls, he is pathetic. Kenichi also says that Rito is a naive guy, that he faints from seeing curves of a girl in a swimsuit, to which RIto says was a long time ago. Rito denies that he no longer acts that way. Kenichi then dares Rito to imagine Haruna in a swimsuit, to which Rito blushes extremely to, which humored Kenichi, saying Rito hasn't changed yet. Kenichi advises Rito to build up his confidence in talking to girls first before he should think about confessing.  

Afterwards, Rito takes a bath. Rito ponders on his conversation with Kenichi, stating that although Kenichi does not have a girlfriend, he still does have a point. Rito then thinks about how his life has always been just filled with fun and games, and no time for girls, until Haruna came into his life. Just then, Haruna's image in a swimsuit pops into his head, and he becomes flustered again. Rito then thinks about how he can manage to build resistance to girls. Then, suddenly, the water in RIto's bathtub began to bubble then exploded, much to Rito's surprise. After the explosion, a naked girl appears and exclaimed, "Escape successful". Seeing a naked girl before his eyes was too much for Rito's weak resistance to girls, and so he ended up screaming, which alarmed his sister, Mikan, downstairs. Mikan immediately went upstairs and found Rito lying by the threshold of the bathroom. She asks what's wrong, and Rito stammered that there was a naked lady in the bathtub. Mikan checks the bathtub, but there was no one there, but Rito insists that he saw her. Then, Mikan smiles and tells Rito that he should be able to differentiate reality from fantasies because it makes her embarrassed as his little sister.

Later, Rito has gotten dressed and was drying off while pondering about the events in the bathroom earlier. He was sure that he saw a naked girl in the bath, but if it was really a fantasy, then he that would make him really screwed up. When he entered his room, the naked girl he saw in the bathroom earlier on was now sitting on his bed wrapped in towel, to which she says she borrowed from him. Again, this surprises Rito and causes him to back away and cover his eyes, then he asked what she was, to which the girl answered that her name was Lala , and that she came from Planet Deviluke. Rito asks if she's an alien, to which she affirms. Then, to prove her statement, Lala raises her towel a little, then turns around and reveals a long black tail by the base of her back and has a spade-shaped end. Again, this makes Rito blush extremely. Lala explains that although she has a tail, it does not mean that she transforms when she sees a full moon. Embarrassed, Rito asked Lala to hide it away already. Lala notices that Rito is blushing, and commented that it was very cute. Rito then asks Lala that if she's an alien, then how did she appear in his bathtub. Lala explains that it was because of her bracelet, Pyon-Pyon Warp-Kun. She says that although she cannot specify the destination, her invention is able to warp a living unit a short distance. Lala says that when she used it in her spaceship's bathroom, it warped her into Rito's bathroom. Rito then wonders why Lala would warp from her spaceship, to which Lala replies that she is being chased. She tried escaping to Earth, but her pursuers followed her. Then, when she was about to be taken to their ship, Lala warped away. Then, Rito blushes again, and asks Lala to hurry up and get out, since it was too stimulating for him. Then, something called for Lala, then a robot flies inside Rito's room from the open window. The robot greeted her, and Lala expressed her joy that the robot was able to escape as well. The robot then asks Lala who the dull-looking person is (pointing to Rito), and Lala explains that he is the one who lives there. Lala then realizes that she has not asked for Rito's name yet, so Rito introduces himself, and Lala introduces the robot as Peke , a costume robot that she invented. Then, Lala threw away the towel she was wrapped in (which made Rito blush again). Peke then transforms into a silly-looking costume for Lala to wear. Peke and Lala then discussed on what they should do from there on. Lala says that she has a few ideas. Then, Maul and Smutts in tuxedos with long black and pointed tails jumped through the window, which surprised RIto and Lala. One of them complains that Lala is a troublesome lady, and that they should have restricted her movements until they have left Earth. Lala then gets angry at Peke since she figured out that the men must have followed Peke to get to her. At the corner of Rito's room, Rito watches the scene and comments that the pursuers Lala was talking about seemed strong. Peke suggests Lala uses the bracelet again and warp away from her pursuers, but Lala reveals that after the bracelet is used, it needs a whole day to recharge. Then, one of the men grabbed Lala's hand, to which she tried shaking off, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Rito wonders why a serious scene is happening inside his room, and comments that the visitors were trampling his carpet with their shoes. Downstairs, Mikan wonders what Rito is doing, and why he's making so much noise. Suddenly, the man who was holding Lala got hit by a soccer ball, which was kicked by Rito, and lost his grip on Lala. Rito then took Lala's hand and led her out of his room's window then over the roofs of the adjacent houses.

Lala asks Rito why he did that, to which he answered that he didn't know. However, he could not stay quiet when a girl is being kidnapped before his eyes. Meanwhile, Haruna was taking her dog out for a walk when she noticed the silhouettes of people running on the roofs. At first, she thought it was a thief, but then she recognizes it to be Rito and wonders what he's doing. Later on, one of Lala's pursuers threw a giant truck in front of Rito and Lala's path, blocking the only exit. The pursuers warned Rito not to interfere, but Rito remains brave and threatens to spit on the pursuers if they come any closer. One of the men then talks to Lala and begs her to stop running away from home, to which Lala quickly objects. Rito was about to support her when he suddenly realized that Lala was just running away from home, and not being kidnapped. Lala exclaims that she doesn't care if she's a successor or not, she does not want to meet any more future husband candidates. The pursuers tried reasoning with her that it was her father's will, to which Lala states that she doesn't care about her father. Then, she brings out a mobile phone and summons a giant vacuum. The pursuers then started getting scared at the sight of one of Lala's inventions. Then, Lala orders her machine to suck them up, which it does. However, it continues to suck everything in its path, like the trees and the objects in the park they were in. Eventually, it began to suck Rito too. Rito begs Lala to stop it, but Lala did not know how and it ended up exploding. Later on, she apologized to Rito (who got stuck on a tree) since she forgot how to use it. Nevertheless, she was grateful to Rito for saving her. 

The next day, Rito was covered in bruises from the night before and he complains about Lala, saying that if he had known Lala had an invention like that, he would have never tried helping her. However, Rito realizes that if Lala had used the vacuum machine in his room, the outcome would have been a lot worse, so he was happier it ended the way it did. Rito then tells himself that he does not want to get involved with Lala again, and calls her a runaway alien. Then, Rito was greeted by Haruna who was standing by the road Rito was walking on. Rito was surprised that Haruna talked to him, and he stammered to greet her as well. Haruna thinks about the events she saw before where Rito was running on the roofs. She tried to ask Rito about it, but she was cut by Rito, who saw it as a perfect chance to finally confess. Rito was blushing extremely and stammered to confess, so he closed his eyes and shouted his confession, "Since the first time I saw you, I've liked you. So please go out with me". However, at the same moment, Lala dropped in front of Rito, and Rito's confession accidentally got directed to her. Lala responds positively and says that she feels the same way. She then asks Rito to marry her, which surprised Rito.

Meanwhile, in a spaceship outside Earth, the men that were defeated by Rito and Lala reported to their leader. He then states that since the men were unable to handle Lala by themselves, then he shall personally go to Earth next. He then calls Lala a troublesome princess.    

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  • When Lala showed her tail to Rito, she made a reference to Goku in the Dragon Ball series about transforming at a full moon.
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