The Greatest Class In History (史上最悪のクラス Shijō saiaku no KURASU) is the fiftieth chapter of To LOVE-Ru.


Rito sits in class, confused about Lala's confession of love to him. Saruyama asks Rito why he looks upset, and Rito thinks that Haruna is still mad about what happened in the girls locker room. The same girl from earlier thinks that Rito and Lala are the two main offenders to the schools morals. While Lala is ecstatic about making new friends, the girl comes up to her and Rito, insisting she talks to them. The girl introduces herself as Kotegawa Yui, the student committee member's representative for the class. Yui then tells Rito that she will not go easy on him, because she saw what happened in the girls locker room. Risa and Mio come up and explain to Yui that Lala is an alien. Risa then taunts Lala by licking her tail. Ren then comes in, blaming Rito for being in a different class. Ren then sneezes and turns into Run, who then jumps on Rito. Lala then explains to everyone that Ren/Run is a gender shapeshifter. Lala then remarks at how well Rito and Run get along. Meanwhile, Yui is very confused. Rito then accidentally bumps into Lala, knocking Peke off, and landing on Lala who is naked, in a very naughty position. Yui is then horrified, and calls Rito shameless. In class, Yui announces her candidacy for the students committee member. Haruna then explains that because of tennis, she isn't going to run. Just then, Lala joins the race. Lala then explains that it sounds interesting to her, and that she will learn what she needs from Haruna. Yui then thinks to herself that losing to Lala is not an option, and that she must win.