The Loving Queen (恋する女王 Koi suru QUĪN) is the fifty-ninth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Saki wakes up in the morning, and while she is showering, she cannot get somebody off of her mind. When a teacher asks Saki to translate a sentence in class, Saki starts to talk to herself about her loved one. The teacher mistakes that Saki is talking about him. Saki then snaps out of her thought, and asks her teacher what's wrong. Saki then talks to Rin and Aya about her love. Saki cannot bring herself to tell them who it is. Meanwhile, Rito and Lala are walking, and Lala explains to Rito that she had an idea for a new invention. Lala then jumps on Rito, telling him that she has to wait till she gets her monthly allowance before she can tell him. Rito then gets up and accidentally looks up Saki's skirt. However, Saki just walks on him and over to Lala, not paying attention to Rito. Saki then calls Rito boring, which Lala says isn't true. Saki then calls Lala a child, and tells her that a boy of Rito's level is perfect for a child. Saki then says the person she love is wise and honest. Lala claims that Rito is wise and honest (even though she doesn't know what those words mean). Saki, Rin, and Aya then leave. Just then, Zastin walks by and it turns out he's the man that Saki likes. Saki then explains that the day before, Zastin helped her get her limo out of a huge pothole. Much to her horror, Saki then sees Zastin giving Lala her allowance. Saki then asks how Lala knows Zastin, and Zastin explains that he is her servant. Saki refuses to acknowledge it and runs off. Saki then swears that one day Zastin will be hers.