The Old School Building's Prisoners (旧校舎の住人たち Kyūkōsha no jūnin-tachi) is the fifty-seventh chapter of To Love-Ru.


Yui is in shock that there are actually ghosts walking towards them. The ghosts tell them to get out, and Haruna faints. Just as Rito wonders what they should do, Lala pulls the skeleton's head off, wondering where the voice comes from. The others are horrified, telling Lala to give the skeleton it's head back. The skeleton's body then hits a faucet, splashing him and Lala with water, knocking Peke off. Rito yells at Peke for not holding on tighter. Just then, the spirits run towards Yui, but then fall down, breaking themselves open. A bunch of little fur-balls come out of the bodies and run away. Meanwhile, Risa, Mio, and Yami are still searching for the others. Yami then tells them to stop, as she can feel the spirits approaching. Yami then cuts open a floating fire-extinguisher, revealing an invisible person. The man runs off calling for other people to help him. Just then, a giant tentacle comes out of the ground and grabs Yami. Back at the other group, the monster breaks through a wall. Yami explains that she gets weak when she gets dizzy, and that she also has a weakness for anything slimy. The monster then tries to grab Yui, but Lala pushes her out of the way and the monster grabs her instead. Just then the same ghost Yui saw previously watches them from a distance. Meanwhile, Rito stands in shock, wondering what he should do to help.